The Game of Managing Expectations

Why is it only when you’re in a bad mood that you catch your clothes on the door frame?

It’s never when things are going smoothly, right?

The more I chat to others about this, the more I see that it’s a general vibe of so many people in this whole running your own business in a pandemic thing.

The metaphor of constantly catching your clothes on door frames, consequently then getting more irritated by it comes down to managing our expectations. 

We’ve all seen the Instagram quotes “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and “go your own pace” and “Screw the hustle” etc etc (yawn-o-rama, right?)

But in today’s episode of the High Vis podcast I’m sharing my own personal tale of managing my expectations.

Now, this is something I face time and time again in my business, and while, yes it does get easier, the challenges also get bigger so it’s a constant practice. 

The thing is, expectations are simply a gap between hope and fear. The hope that things will happen and the fear that they won’t. 

So I have a little exercise to share with you today that I do to help me manage my expectations, and I’ll be honest, I’m going through a bit of a challenging one right now so we’ll get into that too. 

Because the truth is, you can achieve anything you want to, but we do have to do the work, get comfortable with uncertainty and learn which voices to listen to and which ones to put on mute.

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And, if you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to make your dreams and goals happen then listen up because I have just the ticket for you! 

The doors are now open to join my membership community, Visibiliyay! A community of female entrepreneurs from all walks of life, ready to cheer you on as we gather to learn, become more visible and grow our businesses. 

You can find more information about Visibiliyay here – I really hope you’ll check it out and come join us.

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Maddy x
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