Hello! I’m

Maddy Shine

Easily spotted by the blue hair….

In the (almost) words of Olivia Newton-John, let’s get visible, visible…

You *may* have already got the impression that I don’t do things by halves – and you would be entirely correct, my friend. My visibility mentoring and education is delivered with precisely the same levels of oomph. I help women-owned business legends like you get more sales by seeking exciting opportunities and taking up space on the internet to have healthy thriving businesses.


The 90s

From humble beginnings in Devon UK as a teenage geek. I was far from popular, so when I gained access to the internet, I learned to code websites (as you do). My first website was about Bagpuss and Ace Ventura and it was on a page of my Dad’s business website. It was the 90s after all.

The 2000s

I studied business at uni, specialising in virtual communications. I was fascinated by the possibilities of the internet but there were no jobs in that at the time when I graduated unless I wanted to work in the CIA. Which I did not. What about me screams spy?! Nada. So I went and worked in various office jobs including sports PR and eventually a marketing manager role.


The recession hit and I lost my marketing manager job. I was homeless, in masses of debt and I was depressed. Life did not look good. I took my redundancy cheque and went to India for 6 months. That’s when everything changed.

I started freelancing for different bloggers and creatives and LOVED the flexibility. I was advising them on SEO, social media, copywriting websites, you name it. My business was born. I grew quickly, moved back to the UK after a divorce and started speaking at conferences, events and podcasts.

I grew my team of contractors and shrank it again as I changed from a Done For You agency to teaching courses so creatives could do this themselves.

3The 2020s

I had my biggest course launch ever and then the pandemic hit and I wasn’t eligible for any government support or loans. So, I dug deep.


I launched Blogging for Gold which became my new signature course, helping over 100 women and counting.

I launched my Visible Vibes membership (formerly Visibiliyay) which is a thriving community of women who are learning to be visible with their businesses helping over 250 women and counting.


I launched my own GIFs which went viral causing much entertainment around the world with over 650 million people seeing my face as of end of 2023. I am now an award winning speaker + teacher thanks to the London Enterprise Awards. I launched my Visibility Talks podcast which continues to be enjoyed by people all over the world.


I continue to be booked by clients for coaching and consulting projects. I myself have worked with so many coaches and consultants to help me get to where I want to go. We have to invest in order to grow, right?


It’s truly incredible to me that this is my job and to celebrate 10 years in business in 2022 really felt like an amazing achievement.

Here’s to supporting more women to celebrate leading amazing businessses!

Just a few of my favourite things in the whole wide world,

My favourite character in Parks and Recreation is Leslie Knope

I’ve spent five years of my life travelling and living in India + SE ASIA

and once taught a group of Tibetan monks to sing All My Life by the Beatles when I lived in the Himalayas (yes, really!).

I can always be found wearing big, colourful earrings

Also? Sandi Toksvig once called me a very clever girl

which is a cherished moment I will take to the grave.


The only things I love more than all of the above are my two niecelettes + my grumpy cat dexter

whose images I would like tattooed on the inside of my eyelids, please and thank you.


I am looking to work with

Passionate, hardworking, female entrepreneurs.

All tech abilities welcome, from technophobe to tech wannabe wizard. Must have own business. Must be open-minded to trying new methods and techniques. Looking to increase visibility, like, now. Eccentric behaviour always encouraged but not necessary, but must be willing to stand out from the crowd.

why only women?

It’s only men who ever ask this question, but I wrote my answer here on Instagram

When I say women, I mean all women

Whenever the word women or women is used my intended definition is anyone who identifies as a woman which includes cis and trans women and non-binary people.

The serious bit

I wish to be 100% clear that I love to work with people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, cultural background or sexuality.


Putting my money where my values are

I am proud to support the works of EFA Morocco, a Moroccan NGO, who run girls’ boarding houses near secondary schools, so girls from rural families can continue their education.

I also spend time investing in resources to enable me to become a better feminist and all round supporter of women’s education. When we know better, we can do better.

Ready to get the ball rolling?

Now, I’m keen to know more about you, you brilliant wonder being you, so if you want to know more about how I can help you increase your visibility and get you fully booked by your dream clients, so check out the options to work with me here.


Want to stalk me for a bit more first?

Pas de problem Rodders, here you go.


Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert