I’m the SEO and Visibility Queen

Maddy Shine

alongside my trusty sidekicks Gladys, Gloria, Patsy and Eddie*, I am so glad you’re here. 

In the (almost) words of Olivia Newton-John, let’s get visible, visible…

You *may* have already got the impression that I don’t do things by halves – and you would be entirely correct, my friend. My SEO and visibility coaching is delivered with precisely the same levels of oomph. I help brilliantly ambitious independent business owners like you get more sales by seeking exciting opportunities – which is what I like to call SEO, because ‘search engine optimisation’ sounds like a very dark art indeed – and, ultimately, nailing those sales once you’re there.

(*In case you were wondering, Gladys is my ever-changing hair, Gloria is my pink sequin chair cover, and Patsy and Eddie are my flamingo queen slippers, all often spotted on videos and events.)

I’m an Award-Winning Speaker which is fun

I love speaking on podcasts, to membership communities, and at industry events like The Cake Professionals, Mothers of Enterprise, Two Bright Lights, National Assocation of Wedding Professionals, WedMeetup, the Wedding Academy.

I’ve been featured in the Metro newspaper, Many Reasons to Be Cheerful, Rising Tide, the Wedding Industry Journal.

As of 2021, I’m now award-winning too, winning the SME Greater London Enterprise Awards for Most Innovative Digital Marketing Consultant and Excellence Award for Event Speaking and Services. 

You can find out more here.

Getting you to page one on Google is only half the battle - I also help your clients see you as the only one worth booking.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – but Maddy, I hear you say, SEO is dry, dull and [insert other less polite words here], and I don’t seem particularly dry or dull…

(thanks, that’s so kind of you to say!)

But don’t confuse fun and fluff – my approach to SEO, visibility and life in general is to make it as fun as possible, but this doesn’t mean it’s wishy-washy, or all enthusiastic talk. I get results and have fun whilst doing it, and my favourite thing in the whole wide world is teaching you how to get results too.

speaking of favourite things in the whole wide world,

I love dance, and do it quite a lot over on the old instagram stories

(sometimes, people send in song requests – feel free to send me your ultimate disco tune!)

My favourite episode of friends is the one with Ross and the fake tan

My favourite episode of Schitt’s Creek is the one where Patrick sings Simply the Best and my favourite Parks and Recreation character is Leslie Knope.

I’ve spent two and a half years of my life travelling and living in India

and once taught a group of Tibetan monks to sing All My Life by the Beatles when I lived in the Himalayas (yes, really!).

I can always be found wearing big, colourful earrings

I feel totally naked without them – and could blissfully dive into a bowl of carbonara every day for the rest of my life.

Also? Sandi Toksvig once called me a very clever girl

which is a cherished moment I will take to the grave.

I have a daily meditation practice that helps me relax and stay focused

and solution-orientated no matter what, you can check it out here, and after that I’ll probably be listening to a musical soundtrack (my current favourite is Everyone’s Talking About Jamie) or my own podcast if I’m feeling self-indulgent.

The only things I love more than all of the above are my two tiny nieces

whose images I would like tattooed on the inside of my eyelids, please and thank you.

I am looking to work with

Passionate, hardworking, entrepreneurs.

All tech abilities welcome, from technophobe to tech wannabe wizard. Must have own business. Must be open-minded to trying new methods and techniques. Looking to increase visibility, like, now. Eccentric behaviour always encouraged but not necessary, but must be willing to stand out from the crowd.

The serious bit

I wish to be 100% clear that I love to work with people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, cultural background or sexuality. I am actively learning about anti-racism from books, articles, consultants and much more, and choose to work with businesses who have the same values. 


Women’s education is incredibly important to me, which is why I created a whole business out of it. But it’s not just women in business I care about, which is why I support EFA (Education for All), a wonderful charity in Morocco that offer girls living in remote places an all-important education.

You can find out more about them here.

I don’t just want to have huge positive impact on people – I want to make a big positive impact on the planet too, which is why I’m a proud subscriber of Ecologi. This offsets my carbon footprint – including emissions from my home, all travel, holidays, food and hobbies – as well as planting groves of trees and financing carbon reduction projects across the globe.

If you sign up through this link, we both get 30 trees planted for us!

Ready to get the ball rolling?

Now, I’m keen to know more about you, you brilliant wonder being you, so if you want to know more about how I can help you increase your visibility and get you fully booked by your dream clients, so check out the options to work with me here.

Want to stalk me for a bit more first?

Pas de problem Rodders, here you go.