How I deal with imposter syndrome

How I deal with imposter syndrome

I know what it’s like.

You keep hearing ‘be visible’ but you’re scared sh**less.”Who am I to say these things?” you ask yourself. “What will people think?”

I’ve been there. It’s called imposter syndrome. It doesn’t matter how much of an expert we may be, or how much experience we have under our belt, those voices can creep in and they can stop us from doing what we need to do to make our business a success.Thing is being visible is essential to making a success of your business, but I know that it can feel overwhelming on where to begin. After all, no one told us what it’s truly like to run a business, how much you have to put yourself out there and break out of your comfort zone.

Visibility brings up all kinds of emotions, and a really common one that I often have chats about in my DMs with my clients and community is imposter syndrome.

But what is imposter syndrome? And how do you deal with it?

Well, if you feel like you’re always waiting for someone  to come and tap you on the shoulder, pull you aside and tell you you’ve been found out – that they know this isn’t your ‘real’ job and you better jog on home, then you’re experiencing imposter syndrome.

But it turns out everyone I speak to has, at some point, experienced this and it really makes a difference as to how you show up in your businesses.

I would be fibbing if I said I didn’t experience it myself, but the good news is we don’t have to feel like this .

Imposter syndrome doesn’t have to kick you in the butt,  so today I’m sharing some bite sized pearls of wisdom on how I quit feeling like an imposter, and how you can too!

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Maddy x
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