It’s time to step out of the shadows, and help your clients Get Outta Your DMs,

and into your cart.

It's time to get visible, visible

In the words of Sonny and Cher, I got you.

As a business mentor and educator, I help women who run their own businesses get visible. That’s right, I help women just like you show up authentically, for your clients, for yourselves and – yes, for Google. I think of visibility like a buffet – you don’t have to eat everything at the table, but you do have to eat to see results in your business.

You are a fabulous, talented business owner. You know this because you have a good idea, you’ve created things that people enjoy, and you’ve had happy clients and customers. You just don’t have enough of them.

And that’s where I come in.

"This was probably the wisest investment in me and my business I have ever made. I wish this had been available to me 13 years ago when I started my business. "

– Lisa Grattidge, Inspired by Lisa



(what you do / make / offer)



(in taking action)



(we were never supposed to do this alone)


Clients and customers

This is the magic Maddy formula, the potent, pleasure-filled way to grow your business’ success.

I want to show businesses what’s possible, to support you in reaching your potential, and to not be scared of the work involved in doing so.

Being a successful business woman means flexibility, adventure, independence, strength, integrity – and visibility makes these happen.

"Before we signed up we had no idea how to get noticed more. Being part of this community - more people finding us on Google. We’re learning as we go with it all and sharpening up our ideal client as we go. We get a lot more people saying Google on the enquiry form. We’re on page one for quite a few keywords. We can really see a difference in bookings and sales."

– Charlie & Erica, award winning cakemakers

Maddy is honest and knowledgable. She just knows a LOT and puts it into simple steps for you. Since working together I've had a 455% increase in bookings.

– emily, wedding planner

Visibility talks podcast

The Visibility Talks Podcast is your pocket-sized business bestie for visibility. Each episode is fit to burst with chart-topping tips, tricks and trainings to supercharge your visibility, as well as conversations with incredible creative business women who are killing it in the game too.

Binge a few of my top episodes here!

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