Writing about yourself + actually having fun with it

I am delighted to be back with a brilliant guest and a high energy chat full of laughs, and a few cackles in my case, for you today. 

Joining me is Ellie Kime who, in her own words, is the loud laugh and ‘words gal’ at The Wedding Enthusiast. Ellie is an expert in helping small businesses write with personality and passion because writing about yourself can be hella tricky.  Don’t we know it! 

Writing about yourself for your website or social media can be a dreaded task, so we dive into how to overcome the cringe when writing about yourself, how to get comfortable tooting your own horn and actually have some fun writing about you and your business. 

Ellie has some great tips to help you show up without feeling like you’re showing off. 

You can find Ellie on Instagram @theweddingenthusiast and check out her website www.theweddingenthusiast.co.uk for more resources and ways to work together. 

If you’re looking for some more help nailing your about page you can get 15% off Ellie’s downloadable guide How to write the perfect About page or How to write the perfect out of office with the code  HIGHVIS15.



Come and connect with me on instagram @maddy.shine, let me know which of these tips you loved and are going to try out, screenshot the episode and tag me, and drop me a DM to tell me who would play you in the movie of your life! 

Until next time


Maddy x
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