women-led businesses, You’re just moments away from the essential support and guidance that will get you & your wonderful business more sales


NOD your head IF THIS Feels FAMILIAR…..

You know how you would love to get your business out there, to get more bookings and sales coming in, but….

…you feel completely overwhelmed by everything there is to do to promote your business?

…you’re stumbling around in the dark with your website, occasionally picking things up by luck, fumbling around, social media here and there with no focus

…you are easily distracted by the next thing to be done in marketing and yet you feel stuck at base one?

…you’re spending countless hours in front of your laptop trying to work it all out and feel like you’re screaming into the void?

….you’ve tried Googling the answers, but to be honest not much comes up for “Am I doing this wrong?

…you get lost in comparison with others who started after you and seem to be so much more successful?

…you feel like each time you do eventually post on Instagram and you don’t get a sale that you should just quit

…you’re sitting there wondering if anyone else is in the same position as you, overwhelmed and lonely, if only you could find them and do this together?

I see you nodding furiously, you know what a wild ride it is to be a small biz owner.

That’s why the Visibiliyay Community exists.

You see, I kept hearing sad tales of woe from female entrepreneurs who:

got bored to tears by paying for SEO consultants to do it all for them but their expectations weren’t managed, let alone met

who got sick to the back teeth with trying to read long dull articles on marketing and SEO that weren’t written with their business in mind

got told what to do by business coaches who have only just launched themselves and had no real-world experience

saved hundreds of ideas, free workshops and podcasts bookmarked and saved for a rainy day

I have excellent news, you can wave goodbye to all that, for good.

welcome to

The community of women who cheer you along as you get to page one of Google.

Where you are invited to live trainings with Maddy each month and everything you need to know is broken down for you into bite-sized chunks on topics like Google Analytics, tweaking your website to work better for you, how to be consistent with your marketing and more.

Where you are never made to feel stupid or silly or small for asking questions or reaching out for support.

Where you are part of a cosy lively community with live Q&A calls so you can get honest and tailored feedback.

Where you can be part of a group where women come from all sorts of creative backgrounds and you feel completely supported.

Where you get access to amazing guest experts who talk about a wide variety of helpful topics on how to write about yourself easily, how to to use different social media platforms like Pinterest in a way that works for you and still get results.

Where you can rewatch the trainings as often as you like as they’re all recorded in a special members’ area.

Where you can download helpful step-by-step workbooks and complete them online for easy access.

Everything you need is right here for you.

The best it's ever been

I have been a member of Visibiliyay for just over half a year and in that time my knowledge and confidence has grown massively. I now have a proper strategy for my social media and have been bold and tried new things. My website is looking the best it has ever been and I’ve written blogs for the first time in 26 years. As a result I’m getting more visitors to my website and social media platforms, more enquiries and more new clients. I wholly recommend this membership to any female business owner who needs help and support to increase their business visibility. 

– Ema, the Hair & Beauty Artist

visibiliyay will

completely change the way you work on your business

Get clear on what works for your business + how to build on that more without repeating yourself
Banish overwhelm and feel confident in getting to page one of Google
Get more sales on the way to page one of Google (yes, really)
Attract bookings from opportunities you didn’t know existed before like collaborations, tv, radio and press features

I can't see myself ever leaving!

Using the tools and strategy I’ve been given in Visibiliyay, I have better quality enquiries, I’m on page one for 8 of my keywords and clicks to my website have gone through the roof. I think it’s amazing value for money. I thought, I’ll try for a month, and now I can’t see myself ever leaving!

I love feeling like I’m on top of things. To an extent they’re not a worry any more. I feel confident what I’m doing is working. It means I can relax and not beat myself up if I’m not doing them. Visibiliyay has taught me this. You can see people achieving success, and you get inspired by it.

– Tracy, wedding florist

What Makes
Visibiliyay so great?

There is so much to learn when running a business. With Visibiliyay you’ll have access to all you need to get yourself seen on Google sure, but you’ll also have a sustainable business thanks to the expert guidance and support you receive. Welcome to one of the best decisions of your life!


Each month we hold live trainings, recorded for your convenience, adding to a wealth of trainings. on these four key areas:

  • Google Tools
  • Updating Your Website
  • Creating a Strong Business
  • Creating Content

The trainings each come with resources and tutorials so the tips you learn are easy to action.


Twice a month you are invited to join live Q&A + Hotseat calls where you can apply for live feedback, blog reviews, Instagram reviews and website reviews on these calls.

You can normalise your questions, get to know other women in the same boat and work on your business together.


New to 2022, these calls happen every 3 months so we can check on our businesses, review what we’ve been up to and forge a stronger path on our road ahead (and gain support if we’ve veered off track). Members share their recaps, plans and ideas and gather feedback from each other in an inspiring and motivating way (no matter where they’re at)

workflow sessions

Once a month you get to connect with your members live on Zoom in breakout rooms to get feedback on each others’ ideas and challenges, and forge new connections. These calls are not recorded as you’re all in mini groups working together.


Ready to be part of something magical? You’ll love being part of this Facebook support group full of guidance, support, inspiration, you’ll never want to leave! There’s always something to get involved in, which makes it a lively and fun place to hang out and grow your business.


No woman knows it all, so that’s where you’ll learn from the best in their fields sharing their wisdom on topics “Writing Your About Page”, “Creating a Consistent Brand” and so much more. The live trainings and resources are recorded and included at no extra cost.

An amazing number of enquiries

Because of all the support and advice from the Q&A calls, the training and the community I have won two awards and have received an amazing number of enquiries.

– Emma Louise Wedding Planner

“Visibiliyay is our support blanket. We couldn’t do it without you.”

– Charlie & Erica, cake makers

weekly schedule

When you join Visibiliyay you’ll have access to a private online members’ area with the trainings archive, details to join upcoming trainings, resources and more. You’ll also be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can meet other like-minded amazing women.


Start your week off by sharing your goals with the friendly community and hold yourself accountable


You’ll learn a Quick Win of the week in the group – a nice and easy win for your biz


Wednesday is our Zoom day so it will be either

  • Q&A call (twice a month)
  • Workflow Session (once a month)
  • Live Training (once a month)
  • Quarterly Planning call (once every 3 months)

We alternate between 11am and 7.30pm for our calls to give everyone the opportunity to join live. All calls and trainings are recorded and accessed via your members’ area.


Finish your week sharing and celebrating your wins together with the community


Amazing Results from Visibiliyay Members

Obviously I love the Visibiliyay community, but don’t just take my word for it, read what others have to say about the group:

Sneak peek inside your exclusive membership area

I know what it’s like, you want to have a look inside to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. So here’s what you can expect when you join us in Visibiliyay.


Not only positive changes to my biz but also to me; like a domino effect! By signing up for Visibiliyay it made me make the time for areas of my business which I hid from before. The workshops have helped me to implement steps to improve my website traffic, and therefore sales and enquiries too. This makes a happy me!

– Kat, illustrator
Not sure if Visibiliyay is for you?

I asked Visibiliyay members what they would say to anyone who was on the fence about whether to join.

“Do it. Stop faffing about and get yourself on it girl. She’s a bloody genius that Maddy woman. Try it, I wasn’t sure. It took me a month to come round but I’m so glad I did it.” 

Tracy, wedding florist

“Definitely go for it. Visibiliyay is our support blanket. We couldn’t do it without you. We knew if we just carried on stumbling with our website, occasionally picking things up by luck, fumbling around, social media here and there. Now being a lot more focused. There’s an awful lot in Visibiliyay, I never would have thought of. Listening to the group is great. It makes us want to know a lot more about what works, what doesn’t work.” 

Charlie & Erica, cake makers

“Definitely sign up and have a look. Initially I was a bit worried about being the right fit. But now I see it as an investment in my business. A cushion of support. Doing it on your own is very lonely, I was overwhelmed. Now I have support and direction.”

Mel, artist

Visibiliyay is perfect for you if:

You are a friendly, passionate female entrepreneur

You have a small business with a website (however ‘rough’ it may be!)

You want to be more visible, you just don’t know how

You want to be part of a community, not do it on your own any more

You’re a keen bean to do the work!

Visibiliyay is not the one for you if:

It isn’t for your own business

You’re looking for a “get rich quick” scheme

You resent doing the work so you never action what you learn

You complain all the time and create a weird atmosphere

You’re looking for someone to do the work for you

Meet Maddy

Hello! I’m Maddy Shine!

You *may* have already got the impression that I don’t do things by halves – and you would be entirely correct, my friend. My SEO and visibility coaching is delivered with precisely the same levels of oomph.

I help brilliantly ambitious independent business owners like you get more sales by seeking exciting opportunities – which is what I like to call SEO, because ‘search engine optimisation’ sounds like a very dark art indeed – and, ultimately, nailing those sales once you’re there.


Ready to be more visible?

Frequently asked questions
What kind of business is Visibiliyay for?

This membership community is for female entrepreneurs who need to get started working on their visibility. Whether you’re brand new or you’ve been around a few years and you need to kickstart your efforts again that have *ahem* slipped by the wayside. This community will help you.

When can I join the facebook group?

As soon you sign up, you’ll be sent a link to your private members’ area and an invitation to join the cosy but lively Facebook support group. We’re ready and waiting for you 🙂

I haven’t yet launched my business, is Visibiliyay right for me?

You’ll gain the most out of Visibiliyay if you have already got a business idea and the beginnings of a website, even if you haven’t told anyone yet!


Gain the inside scoop on Google’s tools, how to sprinkle magic on your website pages and social media in trainings that take place 1-2 a month. You’ll also be invited to 2 Q&A calls a month where you get live feedback on your website. All calls are recorded so you can listen back as often as you like.


Everything is recorded so for as long as you’re a member, you’ll have access to all the recordings and resources and of course the community of likeminded business owners!

Do I have to be a tech genius to join?

Certainly not! We have members of all levels of tech ability in Visibiliyay. You do have to be willing to put in the work but we’re here to support you with trainings, resources + support all the way!


Each month we will have a different topic and focus. I’ll host a masterclass where I teach or I’ll invite a host of the best experts to come in and share their wisdom with you. All classes will be recorded and available in a members’ area, along with a lively private Facebook support community.


No, you can leave at any time! 


I get it, you’re looking for a guarantee. I can 100% guarantee that if you do nothing, in six months’ time you’ll be stuck where you are now. If you implement the things shared in this community, you’ll be moving forward in the right direction.

What do I get access to?

When you sign up you have immediate access to the archive of all past trainings, a full library of trainings, workbooks + resources for you to burrow into and enjoy so you can learn what you need, when you need it!