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So you’ve got your own business …. Woohoo!
But now what?

You are here because….

You’ve hit a brick wall when it comes to running your business

Whether you’re at the start of your journey or you’re 15 years in.

You see, you have your own business but you feel COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED by everything there is to do to promote your business

Right now, you are STUMBLING around in the dark with your website + socials (don’t even get started on having an email list) picking up tips and wondering IF they apply to YOUR business

You are EASILY distracted by the next thing to be done in marketing and yet you feel stuck at base one?

You’ve TRIED Googling the answers, but to be honest not much comes up under “Am I doing this right?”

You get LOST IN COMPARISON with others who started after you and seem to be so much more successful?

You’re sitting there wondering if anyone else is in the same position as you, OVERWHELMED AND LONELY, if only you could find them and do this together?

What you really want is


…to feel successful (in whatever way that means for YOU)

…to educate yourself so you can make this business work for YOU

…to focus on your path and NOT get lost in comparison

…to get out of your own way and take steps FORWARD instead of going round in circles

…to bring in the bookings + sales but also have a LIFE

…to NOT be a slave to your business any more

…to manage your marketing + NO LONGER be exhausted by it all

…to ENJOY running your business for the first time

…have a HEALTHY THRIVING BUSINESS without sacrificing all your time

The mental load is real, I get it

With SO MANY conflicting pressures on us as women…..keep quiet, don’t have an opinion, don’t show your face, you’re not attractive enough, don’t speak up, you don’t have the right voice, the pressures from loved ones however well-meaning….


And then we are supposed to show up online like we don’t have this ingrained training in our minds?!


it all feels like it’s A LOT.


Most of these pressures apply to all small businesses but there are extra levels of pressure for you as a woman.


How can you do it all? The mental load is real.


Whether you’re a mum, aunt, sister, daughter, caregiver, activist, friend, volunteer or simply trying to live a life in the 21st century, I get it.


But also, there is something within us women about wanting to show everyone that we are about something more than the roles assigned to us.

We want independence.

We want freedom to live our lives.

We want to thrive.

And why shouldn’t we?

I see you:



I see you nodding, exhausted and keen to change something. But the thought of doing MORE work stresses you out. It’s time to find the right support for you.


That’s where Visible Vibes comes in

Just imagine having all the tools and resources  you need at your fingertips to actually do the things you want to do with your business…

Just imagine honest advice from not only me, but also a truly supportive community of people just like you, eager to tell you what works for them and ready to cheerlead you on…

NO MORE feeling overwhelmed, no more feeling stuck in the middle of conflicting advice.

You shouldn’t have to spend your time Googling, getting frustrated because you can’t find the answers.


…a community where you learn to have healthy businesses by showing up, taking up space and getting results

…a community where you learn to get your businesses seen, making sales by taking up space. It’s about turning your small business into a healthy business.

…a community action-packed with in-depth, practical live training and resources on all aspects of building a business and marketing your products and services to get sales and bookings.

PLUS you get the community support you need to ensure your business thrives

Doors are now closed to join. Hop on the waiting list to know when we open again.

  • Live trainings and an epic back-catalogue of recorded trainings to learn from
  • Step-by-step strategy cheat sheets and marketing checklists for every stage of your biz – from brand new to years in business
  • Making tech simple: Tutorials on fiddly things to help you figure stuff out quicker and take swift action
  • Instant advice and guidance from Maddy in live Q&A sessions on anything – however small, however big – no such thing as a silly question!
  • A supportive community of small business owners in the same boat as you, where you’ll make brilliant new connections (some of our members say this is the best bit!)
  • A place to celebrate the wins in your business, and the goals you want to achieve as well as a safe space to feel vulnerable and safe enough to share your challenges and sticky situations.
  • Opportunities for coworking – oh praise be for body doubling! – and getting sh*t done


  • Solve your business concerns by getting daily answers every week day – every step of the way
  • Go from “Lurking” to “Look at me” when it comes to being more visible with your business
  • Make everything straightforward for you, bringing in sales + bookings with ease
  • Maximize your marketing + visibility efforts

This is your one stop shop for all things small business strategy + marketing + community.

Doors are now closed to join. Hop on the waiting list to know when we open again.

The Visible Vibes Community will help you

Get clear on what works for your business + cut out the rest

put A CLEAR MARKETING PLAN into action with support + accountability





It's a total mindset shift

“It’s a total mindset shift. I thought of myself as ‘just’ a yoga teacher but now I think of myself as a business owner. Thanks to you I have a business plan, a 5 year plan, tonnes of creative ideas on how I can reach and therefore help more people. The support has given me clear focus and branding, a much better website, great ideas for social media and practical things like help with the legal stuff.


My bookings have increased and most people who book with me once, come back for more and my classes are always fully booked. So thank you Maddy from the bottom of my heart!”

– Amy, yoga + wellbeing teacher

What makes The Visible Vibes Community different?


Tap into my 10+ years of experience running my own small business supporting thousands of women to thrive in their businesses.
Not only do you access the recorded trainings and resources made just for you, you’ll also be invited to 3 live calls together a month where you get to pick my brain and ask any questions you like – no question too silly or small!


The Visible Vibes (my private members-only community space) is always there to provide feedback, inspiration and support.
You’ll love being amongst fellow business legends on this journey together. Save your sanity by asking us anything in there!


I’m not into pulling the wool over your eyes, get rich quick schemes, shiny object syndrome or jumping on the latest bandwagon because the kids think it’s cool.
Just straight talking, supportive, positive advice to help you make the progress you’re seeking!

Meet Maddy Shine

Hi, I’m Maddy Shine, visibility expert + business mentor, and I’m the host of the Visible Vibes community. I’ve spent 12+ years guiding thousands of women how to take up space on the internet (and a lot longer telling people what to do!)

Since the early years of learning to code my own website as a teenage nerd in the 90s, and now with over 20 years in the online marketing space + 11 years running my own business, I have developed a sassy but soft approach to life, and business.
You see, I love supporting brilliant business owners like you get more sales through learning and connecting in the Visible Vibes community.

I believe education is key to supporting women to thrive. I am passionate about ALL women earning their own money, their independence and their freedom. We have SO many responsibilities handed to us, but with education we have choice.
We have been taught time and again that best practice is what the bro marketers would have us believe.

That’s not what we do here.

We support and we cheer and we flourish.

Ready to be more visible?

Doors are now closed to join. Hop on the waiting list to know when we open again.

I love this group!

“I love this group, and I can come along to a call and be all non-businessey and weird and philosophical, and realise that actually I’m not the only one. I am not alone!! Yay to us all; taking care of ourselves, enjoying our businesses, and generally being all round awesome women Thank you Maddy & everyone for making this the safe space that it is ”

– Jo, stationery designer


Consider this your one stop shop for all things small business strategy + marketing + community. Once you join us, you’ll be able to immediately access a massive archive of all the trainings + resources you need, from booster courses to quick fix tutorials to guest trainings on a whole range of marketing topics in the SIX key areas to business success:


Everything you need to get organised and streamlined! How to be a sales pro, how to better communicate with your customers to increase sales and how to take care of yourself.


Learn how to set up and use the THREE vital Google tools you need in your business – Google Analytics, Google Search Console + Google Maps with video tutorials, step by step guides + next level trainings to help you make better decisions in your strategy


Discover step by step guides to writing pages of your website, how to be a better writer, where to start blogging, how to take care of your website, how to start email marketing and all the SEO stuff to get your website to page one of Google.


Here you’ll find oodles of content ideas, tools to use + prompts to guide you, spreadsheets to download and use to plan your content, and lots of resources + tutorials for your social media platforms.


Most people I meet want more accountability for running their businesses. Visible Plans meets that need. This is where you’ll find all the checklists, templates + planners you need to plan for your business whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.


Learn how to increase your sales and make them sustainable! Find everything you need to know about software, sales funnels, events and PR.


Once a month you are invited to join a live training online with me Maddy or a guest expert handpicked by me, on a juicy topic that falls into one of the six key areas to business success – Visible Business, Visible Website, Visible Google, Visible Content, Visible Sales or Visible Plans.


Every month you are invited to join the live Q&A + Hotseat call where you can ask for live feedback, blog reviews, Instagram reviews and website reviews on these calls. You can normalise your questions, get to know other women in the same boat and work on your business together.


Each month we come together to meet online to stop procrasti-faffing and take action on what you’re learning in Visible Vibes.
I provide you with a prompt for a visibility action. This could be drafting a blog, or creating a Reel or writing an email newsletter and you crack on with it during the session.
Plus, this is a brilliant opportunity to share ideas + hang out with the Visible Vibes community. Together, let’s get the work done! Because done is better than perfect.


Every 90 days we meet to check in on our businesses, review what we’ve been up to and forge a stronger path on our road ahead, gaining support if we’ve veered off track. Members share their recaps, plans and ideas and gather feedback from each other in an inspiring and motivating way (no matter where they’re at with it all).


I may be biased, but I happen to think our members are amazing with an incredible range of talents and expertise. They make the Community group a gorgeous resource to turn to whenever you need them.
From cake makers to coaches, from wax melt makers to wedding venues, from artists to alternative therapists, ALL women who run their own small businesses are welcome here.
There is something magical about what happens when a group of women come together. Where women have that supportive space to speak up and show up. It’s powerful!
The “community” bit is the heart of the Visible Vibes Community and the place to seek answers to your questions, gather feedback, receive support or inspiration, or simply get to know other like-minded business owners.
And not only do we have our exclusive Facebook group – you can also connect with members on regular Q&A calls, Take Action sessions and our 90 Day Review Calls.
Ready to be part of something magical? You’ll love being part of this supportive community of like minded small business owners full of guidance, support, inspiration, you’ll never want to leave! There’s always something to get involved in, which makes it a lively and fun place to hang out and grow your business.


We are all always learning + evolving, so that’s where you’ll learn from the best in their fields handpicked by me, Maddy. I invite guest experts inside to share their wisdom on topics on everything from contracts to about pages, from branding to PR and SO much more. The live trainings and resources are recorded and included at no extra cost, all included in your membership subscription.


If you’re looking for tailored advice and feedback, then bring your question or share a link to your latest updated website page or blog post on one of our monthly Q&A calls. Of course you can always get answers and feedback from the community in our member-only Facebook group. So you never need to wait long for support!


Looking for a pick-me-up, or a roadmap to follow the trainings? Look no further than the booster courses which guide you through our trainings + resources no matter what your challenge is!


I provide all the resources I can to help you to action what you learn and help you make your business the thriving one you want it to be. This includes:

  • Content ideas for videos, blogs and social media
  • SEO tools you need to use + when
  • Blogging checklists
  • Keyword tools + technique checklists
  • Caption inspiration for social media
  • Google tool checklists
  • Website checklists
  • AND SO MUCH MORE inside our resource library

All of this and much more ONLY inside the Visible Vibes community

“This membership community is our support blanket. We couldn’t do it without you.”

– Charlie & Erica, cake makers

What Happy Visible Vibes Members say

“Definitely sign up and have a look. Initially I was a bit worried about being the right fit. But now I see it as an investment in my business. A cushion of support. Doing it on your own is very lonely, I was overwhelmed. Now I have support and direction.”

Mel, artist

And more happy member stories…

I feel much more confident in promoting my business, telling stories about it. I have a better overall structure for my content – blogs, newsletters, social media, and understand how it all fits together as a cohesive strategy. It could so easily have become that ‘unused gym membership’, but it hasn’t 🙂 I’ve actually stuck with it, turning up to the calls, I’m doing the work.

Jo, wedding stationery designer

“Not only positive changes to my biz but also to me; like a domino effect! By signing up for Visible Vibes it made me make the time for areas of my business which I hid from before. The workshops have helped me to implement steps to improve my website traffic, and therefore sales and enquiries too. This makes a happy me!”

Kat, illustrator

“This has really opened my eyes to the fact people want to see “me”, not necessarily my face but what I’m up to, I’m speaking like me and not how I think it should sound and I’m making mistakes, which it appears people love!!! And more importantly it’s easy!!!

Maddy turns out what you’ve been trying to drill into me for months now actually bloody works!!! I’m here and I’m listening!!!! I have a whole new outlook now and really excited about moving forwards!”

Alice, vegan bath product maker

I’m in Maddy’s membership and it’s so motivating to be part of a community of biz owners cheering each other on, and the training from Maddy and the other experts she brings in is excellent. I’m learning specific topics to improve and build on my marketing. If you want to up your marketing game in 2022, I really recommend it!

Caroline, confidence coach

“It’s a total mindset shift. I thought of myself as ‘just’ a yoga teacher but now I think of myself as a business owner. Thanks to you I have a business plan, a 5 year plan, tonnes of creative ideas on how I can reach and therefore help more people.

The support has given me clear focus and branding, a much better website, great ideas for social media and practical things like help with the legal stuff.

My bookings have increased and most people who book with me once, come back for more.

So thank you Maddy from the bottom of my heart!”

Amy, yoga + wellbeing teacher

“I like being part of a community where I am accountable to get my work done (for my business), it’s like having a boss, or maybe more like a business mentor. I find I get renewed energy from our group calls, which sparks inspiration and creativity. Maddy is a great leader who has the ability to simplify complex things when running your own business.”

Carla, hotel marketing consultant

“I’m on page one of Google for so many of my keywords!! Amazing! So grateful thank you Maddy Shine for all you teach me about digital visibility. I’ve also launched a second business in the food industry and it’s been amazing support to get that product out and onto the shelves in shops”

Jo, wedding venue owner & chilli sauce maker

“It has been a very busy 12 months but I constantly use all the tips and advice I have gathered from you over the past couple of years and am seeing (all!) my businesses grow thanks to understanding more about social media and SEO. I have designed three websites in the past two years, increased my followers across all my platforms, won new business and clients and got my blogs noticed by an industry publication who now frequently ask me to contribute to their editorial. Working with you has definitely been one of the best investments!”

Charlotte, wedding industry business owner

“Because of all the support and advice from the Q&A calls, the training and the community I have won two awards and have received an amazing number of enquiries.”

Emma Louise, wedding planner

“I’ve got more confidence in showing up along with more bookings due to all the knowledge I’ve gained from the membership! The amount of information available in the membership is huge. Whenever I feel stuck with something – whether it’s an update on my website, a social media question or something I need help with in my business, I can check the resources available and I can get answers! “

Georgina, brand photographer

I feel more confident and supported in being myself in a way I didn’t before. I was at my lowest ebb being so ill and felt like a fraud as a health coach because of that. I don’t any more! My business is me so this is everything!!!”

Gillian, health coach


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Not sure if Visible Vibes is for you?

The Visible Vibes Community is NOT for everyone, and I would much prefer to help you decide if it’s right before you join rather than waste your time.


It might seem a bit odd as if I’m trying to talk you out of joining, but I don’t want you to join if it’s not the right fit. No one wins!

The Visible Vibes Community IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF:

  • You are a woman or non-binary person who runs your own business
  • You want to improve your sales and bookings in your business
  • You want to get more engagement and attention when you get visible
  • You’re excited and willing to try new ways of working to get results
  • You are an action taker. We provide the training and resources, but you still need to do the work!
  • You believe all women are women, you believe in equal opportunity, and you work with people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, cultural background or sexuality.

The Visible Vibes Community IS NOT THE ONE FOR YOU IF

You’re looking for a get rich quick solution

✖ If you’re constantly looking to others to provide the passion and enthusiasm in your business for you

✖ You’re not willing to dedicate time to marketing your business. Your small business takes time and effort to run.

✖ You’re looking for a done-for-you service. 

Join the waiting list to be the first to hear when Visible Vibes opens its doors

Frequently asked questions

What kind of business is The Visible Vibes Community for?

This membership community is for woman owned businesses who want to do well online including social media, your website and being seen on Google. No matter whether you have whether it’s product-based, service-based or somewhere in between, whether you’re brand new or you’ve been around a few years and you need to kickstart your efforts again that have *ahem* slipped by the wayside. This community can help you.

When can I join the facebook group?

As soon you sign up, you’ll be sent a link to your private members’ portal and an invitation to join the lively Facebook support group. We’re ready and waiting for you 🙂


You’ll gain the most out of The Visible Vibes Community if you have already got a business idea and the beginnings of a website, even if you haven’t told anyone yet!


Gain the inside scoop on building and marketing your business, how to get found on Google, how to splash some magic on your website and social media in trainings that take place month. You’ll also be invited to a Q&A call every month where you can apply to get live feedback on your website. These calls are recorded so you can listen back on demand. Plus there are planning calls where you can share your plans and get feedback on your ideas, and a monthly co working club where you can get the work done + be accountable.


Everything is recorded so for as long as you’re a member, you’ll have access to all the recordings and resources and of course the community of likeminded business owners!

Do I have to be a tech genius to join?

Certainly not! We have members of all levels of tech ability in The Visible Vibes Community. You do have to be willing to put in the work but we’re here to support you with trainings, resources + support all the way no matter what your current level of ability.

Do you give personal support to me & my business inside Visible Vibes?

Yes! I’m enthusiastic about supporting you to thrive once you’ve joined and really maek the most of your subscription. For 3 Wednesdays in every month you’ll be invited to join a live session whether it’s Q&A call where you can get 1:1 coaching, live training where you get to ask questions + ask for ideas for your business, you’ll have the support you need to have the success you want

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Due to the digital nature of this program, no refunds or exchanges will be issued and any payment plan arrangements made are final. Please consider any purchase carefully.

Do I need to be a woman to sign up?

You need to be a woman or non-binary person. There’s something very special about what happens when a group of women come together. We have the opportunity to open up about sticky situations and challenges we face, and seek support that isn’t normally available in other parts of our lives. It’s tough to be visible as a woman in this world, but with the support of the Visible Vibes community? Anything is possible.


Each month we will have a different topic and focus. I’ll host a masterclass where I teach or I’ll invite a host of the best experts to come in and share their wisdom with you. All classes will be recorded and available in a members’ area, along with a lively private Facebook support community.


No, you can leave at any time! 


I get it, you’re looking for a guarantee. I can 100% guarantee that if you do nothing, in six months’ time you’ll be stuck where you are now. If you implement the things shared in this community, you’ll be moving forward in the right direction.

What do I get access to?

When you sign up you have immediate access to the archive of all past trainings, a full library of trainings, workbooks + resources for you to burrow into and enjoy so you can learn what you need, when you need it!


Doors are now closed to join. Hop on the waiting list to know when we open again.


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Got a question that you can’t find in the FAQ?

Just email maddy@maddyshine.co.uk and I’ll get back to you.

Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert