THE BIGGEST MISTAKE MOST small business owners make

Let’s be honest for a moment! Most people who start their own business are not as organised as they’d like to be. And  they always seem to believe they can only be visible when they’re mega organised. But I know (and you do to [first name] if you’re being honest) that day never seems  to come.

So how do you get out of this sticky situation?

You COULD wonder about blogging and decide no one wants to hear from you anyway

You COULD try staring at your blank computer screen for hours on end willing the answers to come to you, cursing your laptop, feeling completely stuck as to how to promote their business

You COULD grab your phone, post on Instagram and hope for the best while doom scrolling through your feed watching everyone else succeed

You COULD bury your head in the sand about writing content on your website, let alone whether checking if anyone actually reads it…

or you COULD ignore your website altogether, biting your nails with anxiety while your WhatsApp group chat screams for attention.

By all means, you could do these things but the entrepreneurs who just do these things are missing the whole point.

here’s the

golden key

Your blog isn’t for you, it’s for the people who will read it, because people buy from people they know, like and trust

Blogging for Gold is the online training program designed to get you blogging effortlessly getting you to page one of Google in just twelve weeks.

You’ll go from

“blogging – whaaat?!”


“blogging wahey!”

This program will give all the advice you can’t Google and create a STEP-BY-STEP plan of action you can implement. Instead of spending hours trawling the internet desperately hoping to find the answers, you’ll find yourself on the fast track to page one of Google bringing in those bookings in just a few weeks.

I know this is true because it’s written from years of experience of teaching and guiding now thousands of creative businesses like you all over the world. And that means not only do you get the complete lowdown on what you need to do, but I also hold your hand on actually making it happen.

Opening again 28th September 2022. Join the waiting list to be the first to know!


A website where your blog is so jam-packed full of value you can finally be as brave as you’d like to be with what you sell

A blog where you don’t need to be as good as your favourite author to get sales and bookings

Your website works for you rather than against you

You’ll have a website where you can see results happening before your very eyes

You can support your clients and customers to make the best decision (to book you!)

You finally have a strategy that joins everything together.

[For example – did you know that you don’t actually need to buy any expensive software or hire any team on an expensive retainer to get your website found on Google, there’s just one tool that costs you a fiver and that’s all you need along with a few simple steps].

You really can learn three simple skills to get your business found and booked via your blog

Opening again 28th September 2022. Join the waiting list to be the first to know!


“Working with Maddy has revolutionised the way I think about my business. I’m now on page one for 4 of my keywords and I’ve got bookings throughout.”

Danni Beach Photography

“I now see that blogging has so much SEO potential, it’s gonna really increase your visitors to your website and people will start to know, like and trust you more through what you’re writing in your own blog because they get to know you and your personality.

And it’ll work wonders. You won’t believe the results you can get from it. I’ve had a 60% increase in web traffic + we had to close the books 8 months early

Caroline at Cote How Lake District wedding venue

how does blogging for gold work?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3


you’re genius enough to sign up for the blogging for gold online training programme a.k.a. one of the BEST decisions of your life. you’ll get introduced to the community of like-minded small businesses. There will even be prizes for participation!


You show up to join me for juicy action-packed live classes + Q&A sessions on Zoom with plenty of opportunity to ask all your questions

(yes even the ones you’ve been too embarrassed to ask before!)


you action the steps from the exclusive workbooks + huge library of resources + video tutorials each week to help you reach your goals quicker making you feel like the confident and savvy business owner you’ve always wanted to be!



“I really, really did not think I could do this. But you have structured the course brilliantly and for someone who is NOT a planner and definitely a scatterbrain, this has brought the discipline needed to follow each step. By following each step a little bit of understanding builds each week to a result!!!”

“Not only has this course given me huge insight to SEO but Maddy’s way or teaching as also given me as a person more confidence in me and what I do. I now have a direction for my business and don’t care what people think! Once you take away the barriers it’s like a breath of fresh air. Thank you Maddy”

“Inspiring, supportive, incredibly informative in well structured steps”

“Everything you learn is extremely valuable and you can carry it forward for the rest of your life for your business, it’s not something you will need to keep investing in. Once you have the tools you can confidently work on your blogging in the future. There is so much info in each module to keep you working on your business each day. You also know that Maddy is there for additional help and services should you need it in the future.”

“Maddy’s teaching style is fun, relaxed but super informative, the workbooks, downloads, tutorials are so easy to use and full useful information”


“I’m learning more than blogging – it is the integration of all the things I have learnt in the past, and how to amalgamate them all, plus the techy tips are a bonus I hoped for but didn’t necessarily know I was gonna get. I don’t know how you fit it all in to your day’s work Maddy!”

“Making the time to think about your business and plan is always a good idea and joining Maddy’s course ensures that you stick with the plan. It’s not like joining the gym and never turning up. Maddy makes sure you turn up and that you learn, hard though it may be. I have no idea how she teaches such tough concepts and makes them fun, but she does. I don’t know she keeps the group together and enthusiastic, but she does. There is no moment on this course that is a waste of time. It is pure gold.”

“This course has not only help me understand the technical aspects but to also gain confidence in myself to just write what I have in my brain and to stop worrying about making everything perfect!”


“DO IT! I learnt so much on the first day and I’m learning every week. Maddy is fab and knows her stuff! You need to put the work in but the rewards and gains are amazing. You definitely wont regret it!“

“Go for it – No matter what level you will get loads out of it!”


“The support from the Facebook group is fantastic, there is no such thing as a silly question”

“It’s been like learning a foreign language. You start out feeling embarrassed that there is a whole section of the world speaking Spanish and you have no clue how to get in on the conversation – and a sneaking feeling that it is too late to try. Then you find wonderful wizard Maddy who takes you by the hand, step by step, no judgement, no feeling foolish and little by little this new world opens up just ever so slightly. In flashes you get an inkling of what fun other people have been having with this. That is a really exciting moment.

“It’s brilliant, you get taught at a steady, clear pace, making it easy to understand the process of blogging. The ready support and the encouragement to just get one out there even if you don’t know how to use SEO to its full effect.”

“Blogging for Gold is an invaluable tool that helps your website be seen.”

“Maddy knows what she is talking about, if you want to learn how to promote your business and find the right clients for you, this is the course for you.”

Here’s what you will learn…

In this belter of an opening number, we’ll get you set up with the tech tools, the know how and all in a beautifully simple way. By the end of these first four classes, you’ll be set up for success, with a wonderful clear plan of action.

We will uncover your focus topics, identify your keywords + just how to use magical keywords in your blog to get you more visible so you’re blogging not just haphazardly but actually with a clear direction and focus – sounds too simple to be true, doesn’t it? PLUS get more eyes on your prize plus the app that costs just a tenner to track where you are on Google!

We’ll also choose one of the calls to meet together to ensure you’ve got a brilliant foundation on which to build your blogs and get to page one for the right reasons, where you can apply for a hotseat and have 1:1 coaching time with me on the call

I’ll be sharing brilliant tools to come up with content ideas so you’ll never be stuck wondering – how do I keep repeating myself and not bore everyone to tears and teaching you the first of four blog post types along with a template for you to get cracking.

Tuesday 11th October at 11am UK time (live class)
Tuesday 18thth October 11am UK time (live class)
Tuesday 25th October 11am UK time (Q&A + Hotseat call)
Tuesday 1st November 11am UK time (live class)
let’s get it on
Now that you’ve written your first blog post (possibly ever?!) you’ll be motivated to start doing it on the regular, so you’ll want to make sure you’re making Google happy as well as showing off your business in the best possible way so by the end of this session you’ll know how to use the magical SEO tool you need AND you’ll learn how to write the second of four blog post types I’ll be teaching on this course along with a template for you to get going.

Plus I’ll be sharing how to post about your blogs so you get more clicks + sales. Unearth just how to share your beautiful blog posts across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest so you get found and booked easily by the right peeps for you – what to say + how to say it – amazing!

Thursday 1st December 11am UK time (live class)
Thursday 8th December 11am UK time (Q&A + Hotseat call)
Tuesday 15th December 11am UK time (live class)
WEEKS 8-12
you ain’t seen nothing yet
We’ll kick off by reviewing the work you’ve done so far, checking you’ve got all the tools set up for a fantastic 2023 before learning how to stop limiting yourself to sharing your awesome photos and stories to get more sales (some you won’t even believe).

You’ll also learn two other types of awesome blogs you can write to bring in engagement + sales AND you’ll know how you can tell whether people are even clicking on your website and blogs to show interest!

Even the biggest technophobes will understand how to go from “WTF?” to “Ohhh awesome!” when you find just who’s reading your blog posts by understanding just what you need in Google Analytics to grow your business so you know when it goes from 10 people reading to 1000 right away. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to understand once you know how!

Step into the world fit to bursting with momentum, motivation and marvellous blog, making your dream clients click-happy all the way through to your checkout page!

Thursday 12th January 11am (live class)
Thursday 19th January 11am (Q&A)
Thursday 26th January 11am (live class)
Thursday 2nd February 11am (live class)
Thursday 9th February 11am (live class)


  • Lively Facebook support community providing the accountability + cheerleading you need to make you to do the work


  • 3 co-working / Q&A / Tech Support Hotseat sessions


  • Download 30 Blog Post Titles you can use right away for your biz


  • Download your Blog Checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing when you hit publish


  • Download detailed templates for 4 different types of blog posts you can use again and again


  • Access all the video tutorials to support you on how to do the tech stuff (no matter whether you’re on Wix, WordPress or Squarespace) including:
    • how to check if your blog is set up correctly
    • how to set up Google Search Console
    • how to set up Google Analytics
    • how to use the SEO tools we go through on the course
    • how to label your images to appear on Google

Watch happy blogging for gold students

Danni Beach Photography

Caroline Langham Owner of Cote How Wedding Venue


Sarah Dee, photographer

“I signed up to this course because I literally know nothing about blogging. For me to kickstart my business, I’ve survived for years without a website but I thought I can’t avoid it any longer. I needed to do this. I don’t want to do this for anyone else but me. I need to do this myself. It should help me get my ideal clients and get on from there. It’s pushed me to actually get my website up and running so thank you!
hallelujah…….This s**t is getting real. I’m on the 1st page – wow, WOW W O W Maddy – you are a complete legend and really REALLY are the queen of SEO”

Paula, cake maker

“The main reason why I joined is, I don’t like blogging. When I sit there, the ideas just don’t come to me. I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to read, but I think the great thing about this course is that a) I’m not writing for myself I’m writing for my ideal client. I’ve got to appeal to those. I’ve got to show my expertise, I’ve got to wow them with everything I know. So it’s been a real eye opener for me. Learning more about how the backend of WordPress works, that’s been brilliant. Understanding the tools, knowing that if you put your keywords in, you *are* going to get found. The technical side of it, the processes, understanding that has been such a huge help it really has.”

Gaelle, artist and maker

“I decided to invest in the Blogging for Gold course because I was aware of needing support with the technical aspect of blogging, but what I received far exceeded that aspect.

The direction for my business was clarified, the significance of it in my life was made more obvious, my values were refined and every aspect of clearly representing what I stand for was explained in a thorough way that I could immediately implement at my own pace.

Maddy really goes the extra mile and is hugely supportive. We received daily feedback, customised tutorials, meaningful assignments and all the support we needed and more.

I love the little community we created in our group and we have really been here for each other through the wins and through the challenges every single day.

I think it’s a great investment for any business that is keen to develop their blogging presence, and I warmly recommend Maddy as a teacher and guide!“

Elsie, childcare provider

“I signed up to Blogging for Gold to improve blogging skills and up my SEO knowledge. It’s blown my mind! Oh and I sent a cheeky message to a regional Wedding Magazine about guest blogging which they said they’d love – sent it over and got an email back today saying they love it and can’t wait to get it out there and have asked me to do a feature with them for their magazine!! Absolutely buzzing right now!!! Thank you Maddy!”

Caroline, wedding venue owner

I’m very lazy and I hate writing. So I needed people around me, the support network is amazing, also the kick up the ass, totally agree with that. I love to be given a target and I will respond to that whereas I procrastinate too much if left to my own devices. Got some ideas but never get around to it so I think having deadlines is really good.”

By week 5 she was already seeing great results!

“I was so chuffed yesterday. I had 5 keyword phrases in top 3 on google and have seen a 60% increase in traffic since starting this course!”

Debbie, cake maker

“Before I worked with Maddy, blogging was quite a half-hearted affair. I didn’t really understand how to optimise them or even push them out to an audience. Maddy made me first think about what I want to achieve with my blog and given me a strategic plan on how to achieve it.  I want my blog to be interesting, authoritative and helpful. Many people come up to me at wedding fairs and say “I loved your blog on ……..”. It helps to build up a rapport with customers before we even meet and to positions me as an expert by answering some of their questions.”

Susan, cake maker

“I can’t believe the credibility this course has given me and it’s only been six weeks! Two major wins and all because I’m blogging!”

Heather, legal expert

“I can’t tell you how useful blogging has been to my business and how much reward it has reaped.

I started with no blog at all – Google didn’t know I existed – about 18 months ago. Maddy’s advice was to add a blog to the site and get going. I made myself blog once a week (most of the time….) for a year. It was sometimes hard. It was sometimes ignored. But more often, it was easier once I had started typing, and it generated interest and chat and, most importantly, views.

At the start in small numbers – maybe dozens – but we hit over 1900 visits to the site on one week last month – that would not have been possible without the blogging lessons we had learned, and the help from Maddy.

Now, we have a back catalogue of over 18 months of material that we can recycle and the chore of the blog is no longer.

Don’t delay – just start – and watch those site visit numbers and rankings start to grow.”

Suzie, cake maker

“I AM DOING IT !!!!! I have thought for ages that I want to write. If I can share something of value to help clients with their decisions then that is brilliant.

SEO and Google are my friends! They want me to be found, they want to help. I just needed to stop being frightened and embrace them.

I don’t have to be perfect – this has been a massive step forward for me. Losing this attitude has enabled me to TRY because without trying I wasn’t getting anywhere.

The way the course is structured, and with Maddy so responsive to our needs on a weekly basis has been amazing.

Everything is clearly set out in small easily manageable steps – scary at times but manageable. The support from you and the group has been invaluable.

I have gone from someone who was petrified to log in to WordPress to someone who can happily go in and out and write a blog.”

Caroline, bridal boutique owner

“From the start of blogging with Maddy, we saw an increase in bookings, so it has become quite the essential tool for us. We have been able to add updated content to keep our audience informed, entertained and interested via Maddy’s super blogging strategy and precious blogging advice, we now think a lot more about what we want to say.

Blogging creates the link between our audience and our business and when communication is key for the success of a wedding, well blogging becomes a no brainer!

Maddy helps us to show the world who we truly are and what makes us different in order to attract the right audience. Her technical support was extensive and invaluable to keep us being attractive on the web.

We now understand that blogging is more than just a tool to increase traffic, it is also the platform where we can develop and strengthen our branding strategy by expressing our core values; in other words, why and how we do what we do the way we do it!”

Hello! I’m Maddy Shine!

You *may* have already got the impression that I don’t do things by halves – and you would be entirely correct, my friend. My SEO and visibility coaching is delivered with precisely the same levels of oomph.

I help brilliantly ambitious independent business owners like you get more sales by seeking exciting opportunities – which is what I like to call SEO, because ‘search engine optimisation’ sounds like a very dark art indeed – and, ultimately, nailing those sales once you’re there.


I’m delighted to offer the Blogging for Gold online training program to help you rocket into your client’s eyeline so they can’t help but book you.


Opening again 28th September 2022. Join the waiting list to be the first to know!

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