Let’s get

don’t worry…

My 1:1 sessions don’t involve compulsory lycra, neon sweatbands, dance breaks or any physical movement at all actually (although involuntary gasps of delight and clapping has been known to happen before.)

So, what does it involve?

the proper sesh

…is a half day of tailored content consultancy, to take you from clueless to clued up.

We’ll spend 4 hours 1:1 to help not only get you to page one

… that’s the easy bit – but getting you to page one for the right keywords, that will get you the clients again and again.

(That’s the tricky bit – but that’s why they call me the Queen of SEO dragons and Breaker of Visibility Chains, dontcha know.) 

In half a day we’ll remove the headache that SEO and visibility sometimes causes once and for all, and set you up for that online SHINE, baby!

how it works


Before the session I get you to answer lots of juicy questions which you’ll submit so I can prepare for the Proper Sesh.


When I’m preparing, I sift through your site with a fine golden comb, running a  content audit, and various tech tests to make sure we’ve identified the exact makeup of your SEO black hole and how to fill it with technicolour content.

(Worried about the tech know-how? Don’t worry, I can help you there too!)


On the day itself,  we’ll work on your personalised content strategy. With the audit in our hands and a sparkle in our eyes, we’ll set to work creating a personalised content strategy that will help you lead your business, rather than just run it.

(We don’t run around here, we lead with our heads held high and a swing in our hips. Unless our favourite song comes on, of course…)


You’ll walk away from the session feeling clear, confident and competent with SEO strategy, and wondering whether the world knows what’s about to hit it.


You’ll walk away with the guides you’ll need to support you with the tech stuff. It can sit nicely on your desk – next to your “world’s best business owner” trophy, obvs – to help you craft content with a clear focus and plan.

1:1 Session

15 + 10 =

Maddy, you make SEO seem less scary!
As a newbie the things you have taught me have definitely reduced the time I would have taken to learn these things on my own.
The fact that you make SEO entertaining means you are clearly a legend.

– Charlotte Argyrou

Amazing practical knowledge and achievable advice in a fun and easy way.

– Kate Cullen

Maddy is warm and friendly and has an easy to understand teaching style

– Lucie Ward, Ink Spike Studio

Demystifying on what needs to be done behind the scenes to be visible online and sprinkling the collaboration glitter to reach your ideal audience

– Jo Daye