put your hand up in the air if…

…you only hit publish when you feel like it, with no real plan on how to market your business.

…if you’ve grown your business organically up til now – and a round of applause for you here, please! – but now you’re lost as to how to stand out in your industry, to get more bookings and become the go-to person in your field.

(An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but an instagram post a week does not a fully-fledged marketing plan make.)

By now, you’ve run out of hands, but raise a leg if this sounds familiar: you’ve also currently got a bad case of Shiny Object Syndrome, where you’ve seen 25000 courses and workshops on social media that you feel you need to take, promoted by people who look like they know their shizzle. 

Thing is, you know what you do is absolutely brilliant; you’re just not sure how to get more people to know this.

(You’re feeling overwhelmed with options, which in turn makes you more panicked. Sing with me now: it’s the Ciiiiiiiircle of Liiiiiiiife…)

You can lower your limbs now (unless you want to turn them into a dance and wave them in the air, which I, frankly, am all here for.)

My point is: you’re tired of chasing your tail, and want to chase your dreams instead.

I’m so here for that, and I believe you deserve it: in fact, I believe that so much that I created these ways of working together 1:1 for you!

Allow me to elaborate….


Ever wanted to pick my brain with a tech issue? Now you can. Tech support 1:1 calls are used as a place to come and ask questions on how to do specific things on your website or social media or Google tools so you can make a list before the call and we can go through it on the call together.


It all happens on Zoom (recorded for easy reference and sent to you within 24 hours along)

1:1 strategy session – £600 for 2 hours

Ever wanted to sit down with someone who will listen, support and advise you on the best course of action with your business? Now you can in the comfort of your own home with me there with you! The session is 2 hours long, and when you get in touch, we can talk about specific topics you’d like to cover.


This can happen online or in real life – I can come to you wherever you are, or you can come to me in London. (I charge travel outside of the M25).


the vip treatment

THE VIP TREATMENT is my ultimate 1:1 offering – a magical mix of confidence building, business strategising and marketing mentoring and education that will help you lead your business, rather than just run it. 

(We don’t run around here, we lead with our heads held high and a swing in our hips. Unless our favourite song comes on, of course…) 

Ultimately, the end result will see you swinging said business hips to the strong business you want to be, crystallising you as the go-to person in your field. 

But, Maddy – what about my Shiny Object Syndrome? I hear you cry.

The VIP treatment was especially designed with this in mind. In the VIP room, you get to create a strategy that works for YOU and YOUR business; uncovering a sparkle so bright that everything else will seem dull in comparison. Because at the end of the day, running your own business is all about holding your head high and believing in your own sauce.


At the end of our 6 calls and 12 weeks together, my VIPs have more confidence, more motivation, clarity on your business, more enquiries, more engagement, more action, and ultimately: more sales and bookings.


You’ll be encouraged to try new ways, tools and techniques, all with the guidance of an expert (that’s me!) with the industry experience of a specialist but the encouragement and energy of your bestie. 


How it

all works

What we’ll cover

Here’s just some of what we can cover in the VIP Room…

  • Building your confidence to plan, create and measure to get results
  • Working out your dreams and goals
  • Identifying your Ideal Client + how this relates to your plans
  • Crunching the numbers in your business model 
  • Identifying your business’s strengths and playing to them
  • Examining your business’s strengths and finding creative solutions
  • Planning for seasonal patterns for the next 12 months

Entirely Tailored To You

Because it’s entirely personalised, the VIP Treatment includes whatever you need it to. Depending on where you are, we might also cover: 

  • How to use your personality in attracting more clients
  • How to use video in your marketing
  • A blogging strategy including ideas, structure, series, keyword research
  • How to improve your social media strategy
  • How to increase your brand awareness
  • What to say in an email newsletter
This is for you if…
  • You’ve been in business at least 2 years
  • You’re a keen bean
  • You know how to update your own website
  • You’re open to trying new tools, techniques + methods
  • You’re realising there’s a lot more to marketing your business than just posting on Instagram
  • You want help creating a strategy for your business
  • You’re willing to do the work with a supportive mentor and educator


This is not for you if…
  • You want someone to do all the work for you
  • You’re brand new in your business
  • You’re not open to trying new ideas
  • You don’t have access to edit your own website
  • You’re not keen on actioning what we talk about
  • You don’t make time to action what we talk about
  • You just want me to review your site + make recommendations to boost your SEO (for SEO support, check out my other offers!)


ready to enter the VIP room?



to apply for 1:1 mentoring.
Let’s shine you up baby!

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1:1 Session

4 + 4 =

Maddy, you make SEO seem less scary!
As a newbie the things you have taught me have definitely reduced the time I would have taken to learn these things on my own.
The fact that you make SEO entertaining means you are clearly a legend.

– Charlotte Argyrou

Amazing practical knowledge and achievable advice in a fun and easy way.

– Kate Cullen

Maddy is warm and friendly and has an easy to understand teaching style

– Lucie Ward, Ink Spike Studio

Demystifying on what needs to be done behind the scenes to be visible online and sprinkling the collaboration glitter to reach your ideal audience

– Jo Daye

Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert