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open for enrolment now

The community for female entrepreneurs who want to get visible right about now. It’s real-time support in implementing the six Shine principles for success, monthly masterclasses, and a whole host of support and cheerleading. 

Basically, imagine if your favourite neon-filled bar was also your office, and your office mates are exclusively ambitious womEn who have the same passion and fire for business that you do – sounds pretty great, right?

Learning to do something is not the same as actually doing it, so the Visibiliyay Membership is a monthly subscription to provide you with the long-lasting support that’ll take you from Dancing In The Dark to Dancing On The Ceiling.

“I have been a member of Visibiliyay for just over 6 months and in that time my knowledge and confidence has grown massively. I now have a proper strategy for my social media and have been bold and tried new things. My website is looking the best it has ever been and I’ve written blogs for the first time in 26 years. As a result, I’m getting more visitors to my website and social media platforms, more enquiries and more new clients. I wholly recommend this membership to any female business owner who needs help and support to increase their business visibility.”

Ema the Hair & Beauty Artist

opening again September 2022 – get on the waiting list

In this 8 week live group program plus bonuses, we’ll take your blogging from “Blah” to “BLIMEY” as you learn how to consistently and confidently show up on your blog, and watch the results pour into that icy fresh glass. You’ll learn not only why blogging is such an important part of your business strategy, but also how it works and, most importantly, how to do it. 

All that glitters here really is gold, off your website and into your bank account!

“If you want to pay someone else to do your SEO, don’t be ridiculous and stop it immediately. This course is a total bargain, rich in content and an amazing resource for small businesses and sole traders. Get yourself some knowledge and see the results within weeks.”
– Johanna Pedrick, copywriter + artist

open to all who have completed blogging for gold

If you’re looking all like a sad 80s romantic movie at the end of the Blogging for Gold programme – staring forlornly out of a window, rain pouring down, that kind of vibe – it doesn’t have to be that way.

You know how in Gold!, Spandau Ballet sing about ALWAYS believing in your soul?

Well, that always is what Gold Graduates is here to help you with. It’s my community exclusively for – you guessed it – Blogging for Gold graduates who want to keep building on the great work you’ve already done, together.

Gold Graduate membership gives you all the expert guidance you’re used to, plus refresher trainings, all hosted in a brilliant, magical community, who provide accountability, assistance and A WHOLE LOTTA CELEBRATION when you see those wins!

"The fact that you make SEO entertaining means you are clearly a legend."

– Charlotte Argyrou

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