so let’s make that happen,

shall we?

We all learn in different ways. Some prefer video, some prefer live, some prefer in person, some prefer online. Some want that ability to DIY, some enjoy 1:1 mentoring. On this page you’ll find a multi-universe that will support you no matter your learning preference.


Dip your toe in the water with a class

Make Sales with more personality and less ick

We’ve all been sold to in really crappy ways, and we are desperate not to come across like that when selling our own stuff. In this recorded workshop (so you can watch it again and again and again foreveerrrrr), you’ll discover simple techniques to help you sell more of what you make and offer, and not feel so cringey when it comes to showing up and being more visible. PLUS you’ll get handy checklists to support you to get quick wins too!

join the live classes + community to get that accountability & support you need every month

Join the Visible Vibes membership community

The community for female entrepreneurs who want to get visible right about now. We have trainings on key areas for your business – Visible Business, Visible Plans, Visible Google, Visible Content & Visible Website. It’s real-time support with live trainings, Q&A calls, a whole archive of mini courses + resources and a whole host of support and cheerleading to get you more visible with your business.

sign up to a live group course

get to page one of google in 8 weeks

In this 8 week live group program plus bonuses, we’ll take your blogging from “Blah” to “BLIMEY” as you learn how to consistently and confidently show up on your blog, and watch the results pour into that icy fresh glass. You’ll learn not only why blogging is such an important part of your business strategy, but also how it works and, most importantly, how to do it.

when your clients don't know what to google

Grow a personality led business like I’ve been doing since 2012. This group program is designed to get you a personality-led business with clarity and confidence bringing you clients.

turn your expertise into a course

Teach What You Know will help you use your skills and expertise and turn it into a workshop, course or membership so you can work with more wonderful people doing what you love.

get 1:1 support

Ever wanted to sit down with someone who will listen, support and advise you on the best course of action with your business? Now you can with me! We can talk content, marketing, business strategy or a bit of all 3!

Check out the options to work with me here.


Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert