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Tutorial: How to tag images for SEO (WordPress)

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Did you know that when you add images to your website you can get these found on Google separately from your website pages? This is particularly useful if you are a visual business, but even if you're not, there's plenty of ways to get your...

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Tutorial: How to set up a blog on WordPress

STEPS TO TAKE Please watch this video if you're looking to setup your blog on Wordpress and / or make sure you've set it up correctly. In the video below, you'll discover: how to set up a blog on Wordpress how to edit text on a blog post on Wordpress how...

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Tutorial: How to resize images in WordPress

STEPS TO TAKE When becoming more visible, you'll need to add images to your blog posts and pages, and maybe you need to change sizes / align the images with the rest of the text on the page or blog post. If you're looking for the equivalent on a Squarespace...

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How to track your rankings on Google

ABOUT THIS TRAINING There are two great apps you can use to track your keywords rankings on Google (please don't Google yourself instead of using the apps, this isn't effective because Google knows who we are, even on private browsing / incognito mode!) For Apple...

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How to take care of your website

ABOUT THIS TRAINING This one was specially requested by you the members - which tasks do you need to be doing daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / annually to take care of your website? I'll be walking you through the simple steps you need to action. 1. Download...

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How to speed up your website

ABOUT THIS RESOURCE Is your website loading as quick as it could? Do you feel the need....the need for speed? When a website doesn’t load quickly and we’ve only just found it on Google, and we’re trying to quickly find an answer to something - we've all been there....

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How to set up redirects on your website

ABOUT THIS RESOURCE The fact is, if you delete any pages or posts you will have broken links. Do you have any broken links on your website? Buttons that are supposed to do something but don't? Text that is supposed to link to a page but doesn't? When you start...

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