What it takes to succeed with Beth from Bridebook

Yay! It’s Wednesday which can only mean one thing – the next interview in my Gin and Magic YouTube series championing strong creative women is live! Straight from my home to your eyes + ears, this week featuring the amazing Beth from Bridebook the UK’s no 1 wedding planning app, frankly the bubbliest person I’ve met in the wedding industry (and coming from me that’s saying something – lol) Beth is an absolute ray of light on all things wedding business and general hilarity.

I wanted to get her on the show because I think she’s got a lot of useful knowledge to share with wedding business owners in her role as Head of Community at Bridebook.

Beth talks about what it takes to succeed in this ever-changing marketplace, why she wants to Meryl Streep, Chris Hemsworth and Nova Reid in a room, and why jetskis are life. So grab a cuppa and watch along as we delve into a fantastic chat and giggles! Don’t forget to watch until after the end credits because we had to put this outtake in – it’s too funny! All topped off of course with a G&T!

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Beth’s official bio:

I am Bethany Wright, Head of Community at Bridebook.co.uk. A true northerner, originally from Manchester – I have a love for gravy, Oasis and building communities. My love for community fuels my day to day role at Bridebook, as I channel the importance of connecting with suppliers and learning from each other. In my spare time, you can find me reading Harry Potter, singing Tina Turner on karaoke or stuffing food in my face.

A little more about Bridebook…

Bridebook.co.uk is the No.1 wedding planning app used by over 120,000 couples across the UK. That’s 1 in 2 weddings planned through our platform. Couples use Bridebook to search for and book their wedding venues and suppliers and help them to plan their unforgettable wedding without any of the stress or fuss.
Bridebook Business supports this by offering a free listing service for dedicated and qualified wedding industry professionals. Our goal is to connect couples with their trusted wedding dream team and to help venues & suppliers across the country grow and market their business successfully. To join the Bridebook Business Community head to business.bridebook.co.uk and create your free business account and profile today.

Links for Beth:

Bridebooj IG: @bridebookhq

Bridebook FB: https://www.facebook.com/bridebook.co.uk/

Bridebook Business IG: @bridebookbusiness

Bridebook Business Facebook

Personal IG: @iambetanywright

Thanks so much, Beth, you were a fantastic guest!

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We’ll be back once again next week with the next interview for Gin & Magic strong women series! But in the meantime, check out some of the other videos on Gin & Magic here.

See you next time!

Maddy x
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