What do our clients really want from us? with Faye Cornhill

Yay! The latest interview in my Gin and Magic YouTube series championing strong creative women is here! Straight from my home to your eyes + ears, this week featuring the incredible Faye Cornhill!

I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Faye for some years now, as we have worked together on her SEO for her wedding photography business and now she is a brilliant wedding business coach with a membership club and so.much.good.advice.

On the show we talk about:

  • the popularity of being a coach
  • staying on point with your own message
  • how we can all chill out about the algorithm
  • how I’d miss my Instagram friends
  • self care
  • what our target audience really wants from us (and what they don’t care about!)
  • the excuses we all put in our own way, and so much more.

I really wanted to find out more about her story, how she has grown her business and what she does when she’s feeling stuck.

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Thanks so much Faye, you were fab!

Faye’s official bio:

Faye Cornhill is a multi-business owner whose entrepreneurial experience started over 10 years ago when she turned her back on corporate success to follow her dream of becoming a wedding photographer. Within a year Faye was a fully booked award-winning photographer who was travelling the world to shoot weddings. After rocking the industry, Faye then started to help other wedding entrepreneurs to grow wildly successful and profitable businesses. Faye works 1:1 with clients but also has a signature programme called Booked in 90 Days which has helped hundreds of wedding entrepreneurs. Most recently Faye has launched The Wedding Business Club, a membership for wedding business owners. When Faye isn’t coaching clients she is spending time with her husband, two children and labrador at their home in The Chilterns.

Website: www.fayecornhillcoaching.com
: info@fayecornhillcoaching.com

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See you next time!
Maddy Shine

Maddy x
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