What do I say on my website aka what on earth are my keywords?

What do I say on my website aka what on earth are my keywords?

There are 3 types of people in this world.

There’s the Aesthetically Pleasing Type…

The Aesthetically Pleasing (AP) Type of people have built their websites, and the priority is – you want it to look b.e.a.you-tiful.

You want to show off your gorgeous images.
You want to have the perfect logo
You want the colours and space to speak for themselves.

But who is looking at this beautiful website? Do you know?

And then there’s the Argh-Its-Not-Live-Yet type….

The AINL (life is too short to write out that in full again) type of people have not made their websites live. They may have taken it offline some time ago and just don’t know when it go live. They have a friendly Coming Soon page (or not) that promises a brighter future but nothing is coming.

They’re waiting for something, for permission from someone, but who?

Finally there’s the Share-Everything-About-Me-Hopefully-Someone-Understands-Me-And-Buys

The SEAMHSUMAB type (again, life is too short to write that out) of people have written all about themselves, the details of their services, and are wondering why oh why aren’t more people finding them.

And everyone is frustrated. Because no one is getting enough bookings or sales.

So what to do?

Well you’re in luck . In this week’s episode of the High Vis podcast I’m sharing
 all about what to actually say on your website to get found online a.k.a. What are your keywords and what do you do with them? Because what you say on your website, or more specifically, the words you use on your website are absolutely key in attracting those ideal clients.  

I share some tips and tools for how to start using keywords, as well as some myth busting truth bombs to share with you because this is a topic that people (all three groups included!) can *really* overthink.

Everyone assumes using keywords is really complicated, and sure, you can make it complicated, or you can make it nice and simple (it’s taking all my willpower not to quote Tina Turner Proud Mary lyrics right now).

So today, let’s keep it nice and simple.

Your ideal clients are out there searching for what you do, and let me tell you now search engines are not our enemy, they are our frenemies.

Search engines want to help us show up, but firstly they need us to have the words on our website that our ideal clients are Googling.

You can listen right away on Spotify here and on iTunes here (also available wherever you listen to podcasts, just search for “High Vis podcast”.

So come and send me a DM @maddy.shine on Instagram and let me know how you’ve been using keywords up till now, and what you’re going to start doing after listening to this episode.

Thank you for listening

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Thank you and love

Maddy x
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