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Writing your About page with Ellie Kime

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Struggling to write about yourself? What do you even say on your About page? If you have burning questions do make sure you watch this video.  We are delighted to have a guest expert for this vital training Ellie Kime of The Wedding...

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What the FAQ? How write your FAQ page

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you heard of the term 'FAQ' and thought - What the FAQ? Is this really needed? Well, yes. Your FAQ page can be the absolute gem for your potential customers and clients and they don't even know it. On this page you can have a wealth of...

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Service Based Biz? Spruce up your Service pages

ABOUT THIS TRAINING If you have a service that you sell of any kind whether it's online or in-person, you need to have a page dedicated to that service on your homepage. This way you can share the link directly (whether it's in your blogs, social media, emails or...

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Product Based Biz? Jazz Up Your Online Shop

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Listen up everyone who has an online shop (or thinking about it!), this one's for you. In this training with me, you'll learn how to improve your SEO and visibility for your shop and your products. We'll go through step by step what you need to...

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Improve your Homepage

ABOUT THIS TRAINING We all have one whether we're happy with it or not - it's your homepage, the first page that most people see on your website. But what should we have on it? What should it say and include? In this masterclass, we walk through what you...

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How to write better copy with Franky from Love Audrey

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you heard the term 'good copy’ and thought ‘I don’t know how to go about writing it’? Actually, it’s easier than you think, and you don’t need a degree in English to do it! In this training with copywriting expert Franky from Love Audrey,...

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How to show off your awards, mentions + press features

ABOUT THIS TRAINING So you’ve won an award - congratulations! Or maybe you’ve been featured in the press and want to show this off on your website / social media and you’re not sure how? Perhaps you have a membership or qualification badge that you want to show...

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How to remove a website page from Google

No matter which type of website you have, once you've told Google you exist (check this training for full info on that) then Google will know about your pages and blog posts. But what happens if you want to remove a page that is still showing in Google? This video...

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Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert