Visible You

In Visible You, you’ll find all the trainings and resources you need to work on you including working on self doubt, self trust, anxiety and courage to be the excellent business owner you want to be.

Raid Your To Do List

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Do you see those people who always seem so on top of everything and think - honestly, how? If you feel completely overwhelmed by your To Do list and so you just keep making new lists in the hope that one day something might get done, you're not...

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How to use Asana to get organised

ABOUT THIS TRAINING I’m a BIG fan of brain dumping, so I do mine via the super intuitive tool Asana. We need to stop using our brains like USB sticks, and use them for creativity – and the best way to do that is to schedule everything else! There’s a free...

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Self Trust Revelations with Jo Hooper

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you wanted to do something in your business (start a podcast? invest in a course? pitch to run a workshop? launch a new thing?) and thought - oohh I'm not sure I can do that / am I qualified? / I don't think I can make the money back from...

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How to relax with Sarah Fish

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Guest expert: Sarah Fish, hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy is where we choose to reach a level of relaxation where we can let our mind wander. At that stage, the subconscious is open to positive suggestions and deeper work. This video is a...

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How to be courageous in business with Mel Wiggins

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Guest expert: With Mel Wiggins, Courage & Visibility Expert In this workshop, Mel is going to show you her framework for building courage and talk you through the key, reassuring components of authentic visibility in our creative...

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How to Deal with Anxiety

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Guest expert: Liz Stewart, therapist We are delighted to have a guest expert for this training Liz Stewart, therapist and anxiety specialist. When lockdown 3 hit, we all felt it and so I asked Liz to share some tips on dealing with anxiety....

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Holiday Shutdown Checklist

Community Collaboration With thanks to Jo Shaddick, from ByJo wedding stationery, one of the most organised people we know. Use this holiday shutdown checklist to walk you through how to let clients + your followers know you're away from the office and be better...

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Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert