boundaries for this community

The goal and purpose of the Visible Vibes community is to educate and support you & your business to become more visible.
This group is not a replacement for therapy, and any support offered cannot be considered professional mental health advice
You are responsible for showing up to learn, whether that’s watching videos, or joining live calls or joining in this group
All questions are welcome – nothing is ever too silly or ‘stupid’ but if you find yourself asking the same question over and over again, please do let me know what’s missing for you
Please share screenshots when asking your questions, so we can help or you can use Loom to record your screen and share your question so we can help
If there is a resource or training that you can’t find or aren’t sure exists, please always ask here in the group
If you watch a training video, please do watch the full video before asking questions, you’ll find that often your questions are answered
If you’re struggling with any aspect of marketing or running your business, please don’t suffer in silence and feel free to join a call or bring to the group
No need to send me a private message with your questions as I will always refer you to post in this group and/or a Q&A call
No need to tag me in your posts unless you’re responding to a comment I’ve made. I see it all 🙂
I am available in here every weekday during office hours 🙂
I don’t work weekends or evenings so if you post something on a Friday I will not see it until Monday ❤
If I or anyone else responds to a post or a question you’ve added, please ‘like’ and thank the commenter.
We’re all people doing our very best. Life is busy but we can do this! ❤
Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert