STEP ONE - Your Homepage

​​​​​​​We all have a homepage on our websites and it’s often the first page that most people see on your website. But what should we have on it? What should it say and include?

In this training, we walk through what you need to do and support you to see the amazing possibilities of your homepage and how well your website can work for you to attract more attention!

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STEP TWO - For Service Businesses - your Info / Pricing page

If you have a service that you sell of any kind whether it’s online or in-person, you need to have a page dedicated to that service on your homepage. This way you can share the link directly (whether it’s in your blogs, social media, emails or chats) and you’re much more likely to convert that person into an enquiry.

So what should your service page include? What should it say?
How can you persuade people that you are the one they’re looking for?

In this training, we’ll walk through what you need to do and support you to see the amazing possibilities of your service page and how you can use it to attract more enquiries and bookings.

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STEP TWO - For Product Businesses - your Shop & product pages

Listen up everyone who has an online shop (or thinking about it!), this one’s for you. In this training with me, you’ll learn how to improve your SEO and visibility for your shop and your products. We’ll go through step by step what you need to do including:

How to improve your shop SEO

How to jazz up your product listings

How to make sure Google knows about it

A good idea before this training would be to watch the keywords training in your members’ area linked below.

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STEP THREE - Your About page

With guest expert Ellie Kime 

Struggling to write about yourself? What do you even say on your About page? If you have burning questions do make sure you watch this video. 

We are delighted to have a guest expert for this vital training Ellie Kime of Eleanor Mollie.

In this class, Ellie walks us through the ways we need to be writing about ourselves to market our business. 

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STEP FOUR - Your Contact page

What to put on your Contact page is determined by how you want people to get in touch with you. Ever feel overwhelmed by the ways that customers and clients can get in touch with you before they even book you? And what about trying to get reviews and testimonials after the sale?

With so many ways to be contacted, do you actually have the best system in place? A lot of people fear being too visible because they might not be able to handle the number of people who get in touch.

In this training we’ll highlight the need to streamline the ways your customers and clients contact you, how to manage your enquiries (complete with a template spreadsheet you can download!) right through to how to get testimonials and reviews as well as what to do with them once you have them.

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STEP FIVE - Your FAQ page

Have you heard of the term ‘FAQ’ and thought – What the FAQ? Is this really needed? Well, yes. Your FAQ page can be the absolute gem for your potential customers and clients and they don’t even know it. On this page you can have a wealth of information they didn’t realise they needed to know about your products and services.

In this training we will go through step by step:

  • The questions you need to have listed on your FAQ page
  • Where your FAQ will sit on your website
  • How you can use your FAQ in your content to grow your audience

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Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert