STEP ONE - Set up with email marketing software

It seems that Mailerlite is the great email marketing software to go with these days, so I asked Lorraine Issott, a brilliant VA to share this video tutorial.


STEP TWO - Set up email newsletter

​​​​​​​Have you heard the idea of having a newsletter and thought:

  • my audience isn’t big enough
  • I wouldn’t know where to begin
  • won’t the tech be hard
  • how does it fit with blogs / social media / website content?

I hear you. I started my newsletter with 20 subscribers, so there’s never too early a time to start, and the tech can be really simple if you keep it simple.

In this training we will go through step by step:

  • Where to begin with setting up a newsletter
  • The step by step method you can use
  • How it all fits in with blogs and social media so you can crack on and be in touch with your subscribers without overthinking it all

Check out the email marketing training here

STEP Three - Streamline your email workflow

Ever feel overwhelmed by the ways that customers and clients can get in touch with you before they even book you? And what about trying to get reviews and testimonials after the sale?

With so many ways to be contacted, do you actually have the best system in place? A lot of people fear being too visible because they might not be able to handle the number of people who get in touch.

In this training we’ll highlight the need to streamline the ways your customers and clients contact you, how to manage your enquiries (complete with template spreadsheet you can download!) right through to how to get testimonials and reviews as well as what to do with them once you have them.

We’ll address:

  • what to include on your contact page
  • the information you collect
  • the questions they ask and how you can give them answers
  • the ways you can use your reviews

Check out the training here

STEP Four - Set up a freebie (lead magnet)

No-one gives away their email address for free these days, so we need to design something enticing that will encourage that exchange so you can build your mailing list – some kind of free guide / download.

Vicky will take us through the essentials to designing an ‘I need that’ lead magnet, how to pick a topic that your ideal customers can’t resist, how to design a lead magnet that creates an impact and then how to deliver your amazing creation to the people that want it. 

Check out the training here.

STEP Five - Create Facebook Ad campaign

Once your lead magnet is proven to work, you have subscribers coming in and you have the budget to create ads, you need to set up Facebook ads to increase subscribers with your lead magnet​​​​​​​, known as paid traffic.

By the end of this session, you will know what a funnel is and how to use them to acquire new customers in a predictable way including channel selection and budgets. We help businesses grow with smart digital marketing.

This session is for you if you are a founder or self-employed, wanting to learn how to use digital marketing to find your first clients or grow your business. No matter how niche your audience we have a digital marketing funnel for that.

Set up Facebook ads

Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert