Visible Sales

In Visible Sales, you’ll find all the trainings and resources you need to work on increasing your sales including software, sales funnels and PR.

How to create + use sales funnels

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you heard of the phrase 'sales funnel' and thought either I don't know what that means, should I? Or perhaps "no, that sounds far too complicated". Well, it can be actually quite simple to implement, because guess what? In some form or...

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How to get repeat business

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you heard of other people getting repeat clients + referrals and thought - that sounds wonderful, but how?! Doesn't it just happen randomly and out of your control? Not so, my friend. In this training we went through step by step: different...

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How to Sell more without the ick

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Do you worry about being too “salesy”? How to build that know, like + trust factor so any marketing + SEO you do actually works! How to use video in a way that works for you + gets results How to beat imposter syndrome when it comes to putting...

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How to use charity donations in your biz

Community Collaboration When a member posted in the group about how she wishes to donate a percentage of her profit to charity, Liz Taylor, CEO of Cambridgeshire disability charity Red2Green kindly shared her top tips for getting this right. Donations to charities...

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How to use Dubsado + increase your sales

ABOUT THIS TRAINING In this special talk, you'll be introduced to the Dubsado software, and how to harness the power of it in your business.  Caroline, owner of successful Lake District wedding venue Cote How, will share how it's helped her manage hundreds of...

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Customers, clients + communication

ABOUT THIS TRAINING ​​​​​​​Ever feel overwhelmed by the ways that customers and clients can get in touch with you before they even book you? And what about trying to get reviews and testimonials after the sale? With so many ways to be contacted, do you actually...

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Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert