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In Visible Sales, you’ll find all the trainings and resources you need to work on increasing your sales including software, sales funnels and PR.

GDPR – What is it + what we need to do about it

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Join us for a short overview of GDPR compliance and management for small businesses, with practical tips and hints for resources to help you and your business manage data. Make sure you follow Heather's top tips and get in touch with her if you...

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Make your content work harder for you with AI

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you heard of the term 'repurpose your content' and wondered how this applies to you and the content (blogs, social media, Reels, emails) that you put out into the world. In this training we will go through step by step: How to choose which...

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Five Ways to Sell More with your Website

ABOUT THIS TRAINING 💡 Do you ever think: 🤔 “If only I could know where to start with making my website make more sales.”🤯 “Once I know what to do, only then can I stop tinkering with my website, hoping for the best.”⏰ “If only I could find the time to redo my whole...

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Visible Vibe – Trainings – Busting Etsy Myths

ABOUT THIS TRAINING ​​​​​​​In this informal workshop session with Etsy mentor Becka Griffin of Make & Flourish we will look at busting the most common Etsy Myths, including: 1. Does holiday mode really kill your shop? 2. Should you stuff your titles with...

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Contracts, Terms + Conditions

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Stuck with setting up contracts for your business? Do you have terms + conditions for all products and services? If you have burning questions do make sure you watch this video.  We are delighted to have a guest expert for this vital...

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Who IS your Ideal Client? Does it matter

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you heard of the term 'ideal client' and thought - well I just want to sell to anyone who will buy from me! Actually, this isn't a good strategy for growth. I learned this the hard way myself and it's something I'm keen to share with you no...

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DIY Facebook Ads

ABOUT THIS TRAINING We’re Emma and Amy, and we love digital marketing. Yep, love it. Some might think that odd, but you see we believe digital done right is a powerful tool for human connection – a way to build relationships, nurture shared ideas, and grow...

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How to write better copy with Franky from Love Audrey

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you heard the term 'good copy’ and thought ‘I don’t know how to go about writing it’? Actually, it’s easier than you think, and you don’t need a degree in English to do it! In this training with copywriting expert Franky from Love Audrey,...

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It’s time to get blogging!

ABOUT THIS TRAINING You know you need to be doing this thing called blogging but what is it? Where do you start? Do you really have to do it? How will it help and what on earth do you write? In this masterclass we'll go through the basics on the what, why + how....

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Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert