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In Visible Business, you’ll find all the trainings & resources you need to work on the business stuff like sales trainings, communication, values based work, branding, messaging and PR.

GDPR – What is it + what we need to do about it

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Join us for a short overview of GDPR compliance and management for small businesses, with practical tips and hints for resources to help you and your business manage data. Make sure you follow Heather's top tips and get in touch with her if you...

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Make your content work harder for you with AI

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you heard of the term 'repurpose your content' and wondered how this applies to you and the content (blogs, social media, Reels, emails) that you put out into the world. In this training we will go through step by step: How to choose which...

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Redefining Goals & Intentions

ABOUT THIS TRAINING How do you want your business to look in 2024? In this brand new training I'll be walking you through how to reflect on 2023 and how to plan ahead for 2024 complete with a workbook to keep it very practical What does success look like to you?...

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Visible Vibe – Trainings – Busting Etsy Myths

ABOUT THIS TRAINING ​​​​​​​In this informal workshop session with Etsy mentor Becka Griffin of Make & Flourish we will look at busting the most common Etsy Myths, including: 1. Does holiday mode really kill your shop? 2. Should you stuff your titles with...

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How to attract more local business

ABOUT THIS TRAINING ​​​​​​Have you ever thought - I just want to attract more business from my town, neighbourhood or local area, but wondered how to focus your efforts that much without becoming boring? Well, this training will help you break through that barrier...

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Networking For Introverts

ABOUT THIS TRAINING This is for you if: Self-employed introverts, ambiverts, deep thinkers, quiet souls, sensitive humans, socially awkward or anxious beans. Anyone who hates the idea of networking but knows it’s a good idea when building a business. What will you...

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Banishing Self Doubt with Sarah Fish

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Guest expert: Sarah Fish, hypnotherapist In this video Sarah shares some tips for banishing self-doubt and boosting your confidence when you're going through a period of uncertainty in your business. This is followed by a lovely relaxing...

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Monthly Take Action Sessions

ABOUT THIS TRAINING This is for you if: - You're ready to stop procrastifaffing - You want time to take action on what you’re learning in Visible Vibes - You're ready to be held accountable and crack on with getting visible In this monthly session I’ll provide you...

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Annual Review

  ABOUT THIS TRAINING Welcome to the Annual Review + Plan call. In this call we will review your last 12 months together and plan ahead to the next 12 months Please use the Annual Review workbook to support you which you can find in our Goals & Intentions...

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