The power of being more visible with Laura Devine of Devine Bride

Yay! The latest interview in my Gin and Magic YouTube series championing strong creative women is here! Straight from my home to your eyes + ears, this week featuring the amazing Laura Devine of Devine Bride!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Laura for a few years now and BL (Before Lockdown) we were co-working buddies at The Wing. I know that she’s really well placed to share some wisdom in these strange times all still valid, even though we filmed this a while ago!

On the show we talk about the power of visibility, especially:

I really wanted to find out more about her story, how she grows her business (tips for us all!) and how she’s motivated to make it all work so well!

Enjoy and please don’t forget to hit like + subscribe if you enjoy the Gin & Magic videos 🙂

Thanks so much Laura, you were brilliant!

Laura’s official bio:

Devine Bride – Pick + Mix Wedding Planning | Multi Award Winning Blog

Based in East London for over 10 years but originally from Glasgow, I offer pick + mix wedding planning helping cool couples to plan their wedding in a more flexible way.

From planning power hours to partial planning, help on the day to hire a bridesmaid, and everything in between! My speciality is difficult dry hire venues. I’ve planned and styled a goth wedding in an industrial metal works warehouse but also an ex-fashion editor’s pretty Chiswick marquee wedding too.

My vision is to make wedding planning accessible and flexible. I offer creative ‘pick + mix’ solutions to planning, budgeting, and coordinating weddings.  And I’m obsessively organised so you don’t have to be. The experience has to be easy, yet unique, innovative, and personal for my clients.  Above all, it should be stress free and fun. It’s a celebration after all!

I have personally planned and worked on some 170+ weddings and events to date (under Devine Bride and as a consultant at a handful of wedding venues), and I know what’s worked, what’s not, and what’s fun!

I love working in the wedding industry because I love making people happy, there’s no better feeling, but other smaller loves include Crosstown doughnuts, bad 90’s dance music, bad electro music, and Gogglebox

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See you next time!
Maddy Shine

Maddy x
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