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And just like that….the podcast formerly known as the High Vis podcast, is now back, rebranded as the Visibility Talks. 

It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? I haven’t recorded a fresh episode for almost two years! WOW. 

In today’s episode I’m going to talk about where I’ve been, why I stopped, and why I’m starting again. I’ll share why I changed the name AND I’ll talk about what’s going to happen this season.

In Season 4 of Friends it was the one where Ross said the wrong name at the wedding in London, in Season 4 of Sex and the City Samantha becomes a lesbian for a while #relate, and in Season 4 of the Gilmore Girls Rory starts at Yale. So it seems Season 4 is the big dramatic deal. Yep!

Why did I stop recording? 

Briefly – in 2021 when I stopped season 3, the primary reason was to support my mental health. I gained a lot of financial success in lockdown and it became clear that this was a bubble and I freaked out as I didn’t know what to do instead. Loads happened in my personal life so I discovered hobbies and joined a drama group. I did a lot of therapy. My launches weren’t going as well as 2020, so I worked on Done for You projects for clients to plug the cash flow gap. I left a meditation teaching I’d been invvolved in for 10 years. I began enjoying life in a different way in 2022 and I realised I was not neurotypical.

Why have I restarted now? 

I am going sassy but soft with new episodes and a new more rock-style theme music (let me know what you think over on Instagram). The old episodes will stay up but I am very excited about going forward with brand new episodes chatting to exciting guests about what it means to be visible as a woman running your own business.

I have been greatly inspired by listening to, and then participating in, recent conversations I have had on other people’s podcasts like Melody Moore, Liz Mosley and Keri Jarvis.

You can listen to my episodes on their podcasts:

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The radical act of showing up online as yourself – Building Your Brand with Liz Mosley

I have been encouraged by people reaching out and telling me how much they enjoy listening to the archive. People have been kind enough to leave a review, or tag me on Instagram if they’re having a listen. I get my energy from others, and living as a business owner online can be a tricky business because the more you put out that resonates with others means the more they’re going to talk about you and that can be all encompassing. But, I’ve taken my own advice, parked my expectations and instead I’m turning it into action.

I have seen the benefits of telling my stories in order to encourage others to tell theirs. I have been considering – what do I want to say as the current version of me? I made a big change in my business earlier this year with the Great Pivot  announcement.

I have a new updated mission now. I want the Visibility Talks podcast to be about conversations, contributions, community, joy, love, connection. I want women to stop playing small when they want more fulfilment and satisfaction from their creative work. I want women to be able to gain knowledge and evolve confidently in their lives and not to get lost in panic, overwhelm and confusion. Many women struggle and believe they have to do this on their own otherwise it makes them weak. Equally they believe they have to do everything perfectly, or not bother and consider themselves a failure. Many believe success is to be strived for but never attained. Many believe they will no longer be loved if they are more visible. But many secretly hope that they can make a difference with their work whether that’s in their own lives or other people’s lives too. 

It was actually a quote from Stephen Spielberg that tipped me over the edge as he recently accepted an award “But nobody knows who we are until we’re courageous enough to tell everyone who we are.”

I’m helping women amplify your voices. I will share practical ways to do this so it’s achievable. I want to support women to thrive. My clients want to make steady sales sure, but they want to have businesses they enjoy running.

What to expect from this reboot?

I’ll be inviting brilliant female entrepreneurs on as guests to have conversations that will inspire and be the supportive voice in your ear. We’ll be talking about showing up imperfectly, about what it means to be visible as a woman running your own business in this world.

I do hope you’ll join me. Please do hit the subscribe button, share this episode with your pals, tag me on Instagram if you enjoyed it – maddy.shine. If you want to find out more about working with me then do check out my website maddyshine.co.uk.

And I’ll see you next time!

Maddy x

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Thank you and love,

Maddy x
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