The not-so-secret formula to being more visible

Do you wish you were more consistent with marketing yourself but, well, you’re not?  Are you overthinking every bit of content you make, meaning you want to do more, but you don’t? 

Are you unsure if what you’re doing right now is even making a difference? Well this is exactly what I’ll be addressing in today’s episode of the High Vis podcast. 

I have a not-so-secret formula to share with you to get more visible, so you can stop stressing out, grow your business and find those ideal clients that value you and your work. 

I wish someone had told me these simple steps much earlier on, I had to figure it out myself from experience, from coaching and courses and trying a lot of things that didn’t work. 

So here’s the deal. The not so secret formula to being more visible – plan, create and measure.

So many people overlook these 3 steps, I know because I used to overlook them thinking they took away from my creativity or the freedom of running my own business but believe me, it’s so much easier when you follow the formula. 

Now don’t get me wrong, you have to do the work, there are no shortcuts, but this formula means you can finally stop wasting time and start putting in place the things you need to do to be more visible and get seen by your dream clients and customers. 

You can finally understand what you need to do and how to do it to get the results you want and need. 

You can use today’s podcast to build on what you learnt from episode 9, Building a strong foundation to be more visible and come and tell me on Instagram @Maddy.Shine what your favourite tip was. If you enjoy today’s episode why not take a screenshot, tag me and share the love! 

Until next time,


Maddy x
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