Teach What You Know

Do you want to be part of my brand new beta program?

Teach What You Know will help you use your skills and expertise and turn it into a workshop, course or membership so you can work with more wonderful people doing what you love.


If you’ve been wondering how to ensure you offer a quality workshop, course or program, Teach What You Know is for you.

There are so many courses out there showing you how to “make passive income” but nothing to actually show you  how to create good quality content. Don’t we deserve this? Using my 10 years of experience educating people in my business and my years of teaching experience, I’m on a mission to help people become better at teaching what they do, with a view to launching your own workshops, course or membership.


If you’re a woman in business, if you have your own business already AND you want to use your proven experience and skillset to create workshops, a course or program to help others then this new program is perfect for you.

This will be my first time teaching this new program and I’m excited for you to be involved in how you want these sessions to run together!

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Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert