S4 E18: The Value of Storytelling + where to start with Jackie Wilson, storyteller and copywriter

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Did you know that every single word you write says something about you? That includes your mission, your business, your project or your organisation? Every word is a part of your story.

On today’s episode of Visibility Talks, I am joined by the very wise woman who wrote these words – Jackie Wilson from BrickHouse! Jackie is a storyteller and copywriter and my goodness, does she tell good stories. We had a really great conversation about the value of storytelling in our business journey and much more.

In her own words

Jackie is the founder-owner of BrickHouse, a small copy &content creation company that serves mainly SMEs, and a media professional of many years’ standing.

She has over 30 years as a freelance writer, broadcaster and media trainer under her belt, and is a scrupulously precise editor, utterly pedantic and very word-choosy. As a media trainer she worked in parts of Africa and Central Asia with young journalists and reporters––something she still sees as thoroughly rewarding and the most fun to be had while working. 

Her content these days includes marketing copy, but she describes herself as a storyteller rather than a copywriter. A journalist to the bone, she does nothing without research, and the research object is her client’s story.

Topics we cover in this conversation

We talked a great deal about the value of storytelling in our businesses and how it ripples out to every single aspect of our marketing and promotional journey. 

Speaking of journeys, Jackie shared wisdom about the difference of the customer journey, our business journey, and our personal journey.

Jackie walked us the history of storytelling and why it’s so valuable and of course we touched on the contributions of AI and the importance of being authentic.

We also talked about one of my favourite topics – why does our Why matter? You know the one, the Big Why of why we do all of this – and how each of the chapters in our life matter and contribute to our business every day.

A big thank you to Jackie for being such a brilliant guest! I learned so much and I hope you do too.

You can find out more about Jackie here and follow her on Instagram here, Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

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