Stop Cancelling Yourself – Done Really is Better than Perfect

OK you might notice there’s very much a vibe happening with my recent podcasts but oh my goodness, the feedback I’m getting is that it’s so good to hear someone else say it, and I love talking about it, so I’ll continue.

In season 3 so far in case you missed it, I’ve been talking about overwhelm. Everyone is feeling it, everyone does feel it, so what can we do about it so that it doesn’t bring us down completely? Because let’s face it, simply existing over the last year has felt exhausting.  Overwhelm and I are actually old friends, so I’m quite happy to share what works for me, what I’ve seen work for my clients, and I’ll be completely honest about it. You know me,  I’m pretty no-nonsense. 

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I’ve also been talking about the face of my business, and how you can show up in various different ways with practical tips on using video, and simply showing your face so as to build more connections with your audience and grow your business with more bookings and sales.

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Then in episode 3 I talked all about the great game of managing expectations. Now, this is something I face time and time again in my business, and while, yes it does get easier, the challenges also get bigger so it’s a constant practice. The thing is, expectations are simply a gap between hope and fear. The hope that things will happen and the fear that they won’t. 

So, I’ve been putting myself through a really hard time recently, comparing myself to a higher version that simply doesn’t exist, and of course, comparing myself to others on Instagram who look like they’re doing really well, because, in an ideal world, I would be perfect at everything.

I’d be perfect at emails – writing them with amusing anecdotes that perfectly segue into persuading my audience that they can’t live without what I’m selling.

I would perfectly curate my social media posts so that people would comment and save and share them so they’d all go viral.

I would effortlessly bring in sales so that I never felt like I was selling hard.

I would be creating Reels regularly that were the perfect balance of entertainment, amusement, and education.

I would be in all the right press that perfectly align with my values, where they never misquote me and I never say the wrong thing.

I would batch record my podcasts perfectly in alignment with my annual content plan and so on and so on….

You see, I was doing this ideal world exercise that I recommended in my last podcast episode because I knew I needed a reality check. There was a gap between reality and expectation and in that gap, I was giving myself a VERY hard time indeed.

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This all leads to overwhelm, and I don’t know about you, but I pretty much cancel myself when I feel overwhelmed. We’ve all been known to throw the baby out with the bathwater because we don’t like being bad at something. We feel like we have to do everything perfectly, surpassing all standards that have gone before, otherwise, we simply shouldn’t bother and we should be cancelled. 

But I’ve come to realise, time and time again, that done really is better than perfect. I love this saying, done is better than perfect because it doesn’t actually have to be all or nothing. 

So today we’re looking closely at what’s going on, how you really can try out one thing at a time, and move forward step by step because you don’t have to (and can’t) do it all. 

I’d love you to pop me a DM which one thing are you going to try to be more visible today? You can find me on Instagram @Maddy.Shine

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