S4 E12: How the stories we carry affect our visibility with Mel Wiggins

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On today’s episode of Visibility Talks, I’m delighted to be joined by the amazing Mel Wiggins. Mel is a coach who works with women to encourage us to be more courageous and she’s even been a guest speaker in Visible Vibes.

In this episode

We dive right into it!

How we show up in the world and how that affects what we do

How we can stop our inner critic from seizing the steering wheel when it comes to being more visible

How the stories we carry with us deeply affect how we run our business

Where we can start with being more courageous

How being more courageous is necessary to being more visible

How we need to address all aspects of ourselves to be more courageous

What is one key thing that you wish everyone knew about figuring out what works for you personally rather than just avoiding the work?

and plenty more 🙂

I loved having this conversation and I hope you enjoy listening!

In her own words

Living in Northern Ireland with her husband, Dave and two children, Mel has been building her coaching business from a little seed of an idea to a strong and thriving community serving hundreds of women worldwide since 2016.

After a decade of working in non-profit management and activism roles, Mel decided to pivot her career to work with women who want to be more courageous in their lives and work.

As well as practical and holistic business advice for women and female leaders, Mel also focuses on breaking down the often subconscious barriers that women face, by opening up conversations about women in business, women earning money, patriarchy, sustainable business models and embodied leadership. She is an enneagram 1, a telly addict, a restorative practitioner, podcaster and an earnest home cook.

Mel believes in the power of women and girls all over the world to shape the now and change the future and believes that we need to challenge the narratives and boundaries that hold us back – both in our culture and within ourselves.

You can find out more on her website melwiggins.com and follow her on Instagram @melwiggins.

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Maddy x

Maddy x
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