Sharing is caring…right? #ThingsILoveFridays 25 October

So, I’ve decided to bring you all into the fold a little more.

It kicked off last Friday night when I went to see the iconic Jonathan Van Ness, grooming expert from Queer Eye in his stand up show. He was positivity personified and I almost died from smiling so much. But he also shared how his personality radically differs between Instagram and Twitter and it got me thinking even more about how I feel so differently about those two platforms that I’m actually not even active on Twitter really any more, and yet I love dancing on Instagram.

You see, there’s something about this time of year and the seasonal change in the air that always makes me think, ‘right Mads, gotta change things up’, that forces me to look at what’s working and what drives conversation.

One such thing that *always* comes up when I meet people who follow me in real life is my #ThingsILoveFridays💖 that I share on Instagram but that I’ve been thinking I want to be a little more useful and informative rather than just a ‘look at me’ kinda moment. I started this hashtag over a year ago and it’s always been useful for me to focus on what went right in a week rather than what went, shall we say, slightly off plan. I know, there’s no such thing as failures, only opportunities, but hey, I’m human too.

So with all this in mind, here’s some things I loved this week, that I thought you might too.

  • A lively debate started off in my Facebook community about whether SEO might be dead. (Newsflash: it isn’t and more on this to come)
  • I’ve been loving hard on Ash Ambirge’s content for years but her latest post “You Don’t Exist to Please Dipsh*ts” is quite wonderful.
  • I’ve been loving speaking to so many people about my 10 week Blogging for Gold program. We chat on the phone for 45 minutes about their business and they decide if they want to enrol. No pressure, and always helpful.
  • I’ve been back to it with responding to pretty much everything with GIFs and Bitmojis to everything. It communicates *so* much without words, and in a world where punctuation can be misconstrued, why not just use GIFs, haha.
  • I tend to spend like Liberace when sales go remotely well, so reading 33 money lessons from Tarzan Kay was enlightening!
  • I spent time studying a new launch strategy technique for next time from Lisa Johnson – I’ve been a member of GSD Society since it began but rarely make time for it. OMG so meaty.
  • Learning how my Myers-Briggs profile could match to a new style of marketing – I’m an ESFJ. What are you?
  • Everything Talking Shrimp is brilliant.
  • Walking around Soho and the West End of London is one of my favourite things to do but I don’t do it enough. Just talking with a good friend and telling stories and before we knew it was 10 miles. I hadn’t realised how much of a difference it makes tbh.
  • Catching up on Catherine the Great – Helen Mirren is fab.
  • And of course, discovering the joy of going blue (OAPs and small children stare at you, a lot).

What can you celebrate from your week?

P.S. New blog post filled with SEO advice coming Monday!

Maddy x
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