Five ways to Make your website sell more

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Well hello there!

Hi, I’m Maddy Shine, visibility expert + business mentor, and I’m the host of the Visible Vibes community. I’ve spent 12+ years guiding thousands of women how to take up space on the internet (and a lot longer telling people what to do!)

Since the early years of learning to code my own website as a teenage nerd in the 90s, and now with over 20 years in the online marketing space + 11 years running my own business, I have developed a sassy but soft approach to life, and business.
You see, I love supporting brilliant business owners like you get more sales through learning and connecting in the Visible Vibes community.

I believe education is key to supporting women to thrive. I am passionate about ALL women earning their own money, their independence and their freedom. We have SO many responsibilities handed to us, but with education we have choice.
We have been taught time and again that best practice is what the bro marketers would have us believe.

That’s not what we do here.

We support and we cheer and we flourish.

Ready to be more visible?

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Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert