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How to show off your awards, mentions + press features

ABOUT THIS TRAINING So you’ve won an award - congratulations! Or maybe you’ve been featured in the press and want to show this off on your website / social media and you’re not sure how? Perhaps you have a membership or qualification badge that you want to show...

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How to DIY PR to grow your business with Pippa Goulden

ABOUT THIS TRAINING In this session, PR expert Pippa will be showing you how you can DIY your PR yourself without a little black book of contacts or a big budget. She’ll show you what PR can actually do for your business, how to use it effectively to grow it and...

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How to attract more local business

ABOUT THIS TRAINING ​​​​​​Have you ever thought - I just want to attract more business from my town, neighbourhood or local area, but wondered how to focus your efforts that much without becoming boring? Well, this training will help you break through that barrier...

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Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert