Overcoming adversity and growing a luxury brand with Monannie Cakes

What would you do if you hit a major bump in the road of your career and decided to start your own business? Even though this was filmed before lockdown, Fehintola “Fen” from MonAnnie Cakes has a lot to share about overcoming adversity and growing a luxury brand that now serves incredible weddings such as Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas. That’s right – THAT wedding.

That’s right, the latest interview in my Gin and Magic YouTube series championing strong creative women is here! Straight from my home to your eyes + ears, this week featuring the amazing Fehintola from MonAnnie Cakes!

I’ve known Fen and her wonderful husband Segun for a few years and I’ve so enjoyed watching them grow, so I was very keen to get her on to share her pearls of wisdom and that laugh!

On the show we talk about overcoming major challenges, how she’s growing her luxury cake business and all things in between!

I really wanted to find out more about her story, how she grows her business (tips for us all!) and how she stays on top of it all (and what happens when she doesn’t!)

Enjoy and please don’t forget to hit like + subscribe if you enjoy the Gin & Magic videos 🙂

Thanks so much Fen, you were brilliant!

Fen’s official bio:

Dr Fehintola “Fen” Bolodeoku is an award winning cake and patisserie artist. She was born and raised in Nigeria, where she developed a love for art, science, and flavours. She moved to the UK in 2000 and qualified as a medical doctor from the University of Cardiff.

In 2013 she took a career break to focus on her love of the culinary arts, and in 2016 MonAnnie was born. In her spare time she is an accomplished singer, enjoys crochet, and has recently acquired a taste for murder mystery TV shows.

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See you next time!
Maddy Shine

Maddy x
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