S4 E14: The stories we tell ourselves about money with Selomé Samuel

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Welcome to another episode of Visibility Talks where I am delighted to be joined by our first ever international guest – live from New York, it’s Selomé Samuels! We met in the comment section of a brilliant woman Simone Grace Seol, had an initial chat on a call and discovered that we would have a great conversation all about that VERY taboo topic – MONEY.

What has this got to do with visibility?

I do love talking about why money is such an issue and how to start tackling it (long time listeners may remember an early episode – Making Money + Making Mistakes). I think it’s a massive hindrance to getting more visible for some women because let’s not forget, in the great scheme of things it’s still a new concept for women to earn their own money. As a consequence there is a severe lack of education around money, and so our nervous systems have not had the chance to learn how to regulate and essentially it can turn into a giant mess of push-me-pull-you about whether to earn more money and then what to do with what’s required when you do earn more money and then the stories we tell ourselves about money and what we’ve learned. It’s big! The idea that we feel we are bad with money is not actually true. I loved talking with Selomé because as you can hear – she tell us that we are not uniquely broken but we have some behaviours that are unhelpful.

About our guest

Selomé Samuel is a certified trauma-informed financial and life coach who wants to help people realize that anyone can be good with money. She’s also a creative who through doing her own work around money, realized how much money stress can hijack your creative energy. She believes that work around money is deep and has the power to ripple out for generations.

You can find out more about Selomé here on her website and here on Instagram.

In this episode

We covered loads including:

  • Why Selomé loves talking about clarity around money
  • Where we should start with being more confident around money
  • The stories we tell ourselves about money and being ‘bad with money’
  • The emotional beliefs that have to be faced before that budget planner will work
  • How we can start regulating our nervous system when it comes to facing money challenges
  • The fact that when that budget planner you downloaded doesn’t work for you, you’re not a failure
  • The ‘should have’ goals instead of the stuff we want
  • The idea of ‘indulgent’ spending instead of looking at money to improve our lives
  • Giving yourself permission to enjoy the money you have
  • Taking responsibility to gain that clarity and face those fears
  • Liberation from money stress at last

and plenty more 🙂

Thanks for listening!

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Maddy x

Maddy x
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