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Networking For Introverts

ABOUT THIS TRAINING This is for you if: Self-employed introverts, ambiverts, deep thinkers, quiet souls, sensitive humans, socially awkward or anxious beans. Anyone who hates the idea of networking but knows it’s a good idea when building a business. What will you...

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How to be more eco-friendly in your business

Community Collaboration I asked you, the members, for suggestions on how to be more eco-friendly in your business and here's what you contributed: The time for denying the impact of our actions in the world is long gone. Here are a few group sourced tips on how to...

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How to attract more local business

ABOUT THIS TRAINING ​​​​​​Have you ever thought - I just want to attract more business from my town, neighbourhood or local area, but wondered how to focus your efforts that much without becoming boring? Well, this training will help you break through that barrier...

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Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert