Listen on Spotify here Listen on Apple Podcasts here Ooh I’ve been looking forward to sharing this chat! On today’s episode of Visibility Talks, I’m delighted to have Hannah from HI Communications talking all about keeping marketing simple. In her own words –
Hannah Isted is the founder of HI Communications and supports small business owners with their marketing.
She is a social media manager working with businesses to create and share content that promotes their products and services online. 
Hannah believes that marketing doesn’t need to be hard, boring or take up all of your time and energy. It can be easy, fun and still get you great results that help you get your business in front of the people that need to know about it.
Hannah runs many successful and motivational online courses including ‘The Best 90 Days Ever’, a marketing membership that breaks down promoting your business into small 10 minute tasks each day. She is current writing her first book using these daily 10-minute marketing tasks.
Hannah provides a range of offers and courses that are accessible for any size or type of business and teaches every business owner to have the skills they need to be more visible online.
Check out Hannah’s website here: https://www.hicommunications.co.uk/ Follow Hannah on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/hicommunications_

In this episode

We talked about what visibility means to Hannah, why we think women tend to shy away from wanting to be visible and how Hannah comes up with her brilliant 10 minute marketing ideas. I was also keen to hear, as a fellow marketing expert, how she treats herself like a client instead of putting ourselves at the bottom of our own To Do lists, especially in how simple she keeps her marketing and yet so brilliantly effective! I wanted to hear about how Hannah keeps her boundaries between work and downtime, what’s important to her about running her own business and whether she ever gets nervous showing up. Of course, with AI being introduced to the world of content creation and marketing I was curious to hear whether Hannah uses it at all, and about her upcoming book (!!) The Best 90 Days Ever! As someone who heavily advocates exploring marketing as opportunities instead of ways to make your life more complex, I truly enjoyed Hannah’s wisdom and insights.  What I really enjoyed about chatting to Hannah was that keeping it simple isn’t cheating. It really works. My tendency to believe that it has to be hard work to be worth it and to feel satisfactory and successful is not true. Oh and if you want an extra special treat, you can listen to the episode of me chatting on Hannah’s podcast The Social Sunday and how it inspired her marketing program the Best 90 Days Ever.

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