47 Quick Ideas to Market Your Small Business

No YOU haven’t blogged for 3 months! Haha. I’m not being hard on myself about it though. I have been busy with wrapping up my most recent cohort of Blogging for Gold students, running a launch for my The Visible Vibes Community, plus I got a hobby! I’m rehearsing in a play (I’m an acTOR now!) oh and I got Covid. I’m also busy planning a brand new course for B2B people and service businesses, and so I came to tackle my 22 page Google Doc of content ideas and found this that I’ve been sitting on. I’m always harping on to my clients and members about not keeping your best work on your camera roll and YET there I was guilty of the same thing, keeping my best ideas on a Google Doc where no one can see them. So here we are 47 Quick Ideas to Market Your Small Business!

47 quick ideas to market your small business

    1. Post some of your favourite work to Instagram, don’t just leave it on your camera roll waiting for the perfect moment (are you following me on Instagram?)
    2. Share your passions on your Instagram Stories. Show your diverse interests, not just your “business” self.
    3. Run a contest where people need to engage via social media to enter – (Members: we have a whole training in The Visible Vibes Community on standing out in a saturated marketplace to help you here!)
    4. If you have a product based biz, replace your profile picture across your social media platforms with your seasonal bestseller
    5. If you have a service based biz, replace your profile picture across your social media platforms with a photo of you – they’re dealing with you after all.
    6. Not a Photoshop user? Use Canva templates to learn how to make good looking social media graphics. You can use your own brand colours + fonts like these I made – click the image to read the full post on Instagram:
    7. Respond to people’s comments on your social media posts and Stories, with thought – you’ll get more interaction.
    8. Comment on people’s Instagram Stories and spark conversations.
    9. Put a link to your opt-in freebie in your social media bios and tell people about it in your posts – link in bio is incredibly useful! Here’s more on how to get more clicks on the link in your bio.
    10. Create a free guide with an opt-in box so people need to give you their email address to set it up (here’s mine – and members – we’ve got a training all about lead magnets in The Visible Vibes Community under Updating Your Website)
    11. Post a link sticker in your Instagram Stories about your freebie – what it does and what people can expect.
    12. Manage 2 social media accounts well, rather than 6 badly (see: it’s OK if you’re not on TikTok if your audience aren’t on TikTok either)
    13. Put a link to your Facebook page in the public “works at” section of your Facebook personal profile like this
    14. Update your LinkedIn page even if you don’t use it- it’s usually in the top results of a Google search for your name.
    15. Re-post your old blog content – read this blog for tips: Six Things to do with your blog post once you’ve hit publish (For extra value, I made this Reel to show you how you can make an easy Reel from a blog post like this.)
    16. Track things you want to improve. It gives you more excuses to celebrate wins big or small.
    17. Use your calendar to sketch out what you want to talk about + when. Seasonal relevance is key to getting more sales.
    18. Use scheduling software to automate what you can. Hire a copywriter if you aren’t one.
    19. Get pro photos taken with a brand photographer (We’re organising a Mini Shoot day for The Visible Vibes Community as we have lots of amazing brand photographers in the community!)
    20. Get to know your client, don’t try to speak to everyone.
    21. Actually use your To Do list and don’t just keep making new ones.
    22. Write to thank people who refer clients to you.
    23. Request reviews from old clients and customers.
    24. Put together a repeatable process you can use with every client (over in The Visible Vibes Community we’ve got a brilliant process being shared with step by step video tutorials on how to handle customer enquiries)
    25. Contact previous clients to see if they have a project they need help with.
    26. Offer an incentive for new clients and customers to work with you.
    27. Build out old projects for your portfolio. There’s nothing wrong with a little self-initiated work (I’ve been working on some members’ websites so I have more diverse examples to show in case studies!)
    28. If you’re not blogging, start. Share genuinely helpful information. (Here’s some blogs that will help you – Finding ideas for content and how to never run out of content ideas again)
    29. Tell Google you exist – download my free guide to setting up Google Search Console
    30. Get listed on Google Maps + start requesting reviews (We have a whole resource on this in Visibliyay)
    31. Review your website keywords and see how you can make Yoast turn green (read what are my keywords and the power of Yoast)
    32. Set up Google Analytics so you can measure your website performance (read how to set up Google Analytics here)
    33. Check your Google Analytics, what’s your most popular pages? Are you creating blogs that link to the services you want to push? You can read more about this by reading step one in my bumper guide to 2021.
    34. Take a day to update your social media bio across all platforms and add recent accomplishments, awards, or other achievements.
    35. Look out for the arrow on Instagram Reels – that shows that track is trending, so go ahead and make a Reel (find it tricky? Use Canva Reel templates to help you!) – the arrow looks like this:
    36. Create carousel posts sharing advice in a tip per slide like this post I added to Instagram.
    37. Tag your images so they get found on Google using my guide here.
    38. Practice makes perfect, hit publish and learn more about what your audience responds to (listen to my podcast episode – Stop cancelling yourself – done is better than perfect)
    39. Prevent hackers & spam! Dedicate time to making your site secure. In The Visible Vibes Community we show how to make sure your website is secure.
    40. Make and update the pages on your blog: be sure your About page reflects who you are and that your Contact page has ways to contact you! We have a brilliant training on your About page in The Visible Vibes Community and we have one on your contact page coming up soon!
    41. Post funny, shareable memes to your Instagram Stories – always a winner as long as they’re relatable to your audience!
    42. Ask a question in your next caption to encourage more comments, like this post I shared on Instagram
    43. Tell people what you want them to do in your next caption “Save this for when you need to hear it again” or “Share this to your Stories if you love it”
    44. Share sneak peeks of something you’re working on, it doesn’t have to look fancy or perfect.
    45. Run a funny or simple poll on your Instagram Story to get people engaged or as I like to say ‘Show us your cats!’ You can listen to me talk more about this on my podcast with Fiercelessly Freelance here.
    46. Use videos to talk about your day. Why not use my Instagram question filter to help prompt you with what you’re up to? (Click this link on a mobile device to use my filter)
    47. Work on it step by step. No need to overthink it. You cannot eat a whole elephant at once, you can only eat him in bite-sized chunks! (I must find a more animal friendly analogy to use!)
Hope you enjoyed this, I talk about each of these so much in my various platforms and I thought it was time I put the simplest tips into a blog. I’d love to know, which quick marketing idea are you going to try out first? Come and tell me on Instagram! Maddy x
Maddy x
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