S4 E15: How to be profitable without having to hustle with Libby Langley

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On today’s joyful and enthusiastic episode of Visibility Talks I am joined by no-BS business coach Libby Langley, who has worked with 6,000+ entrepreneurs, championing efficiency, profit, and joy in business. She is an Amazon bestselling author, and popular podcast host with her podcast Life in Business.

In this episode we talk about 

  • Hustle culture and how vital it is to get off that treadmill
  • How to be efficient and profitable without subscribing to hustle culture
  • Asking ourselves the key question: “Does this make me happy?”
  • How to find moments of calm vs wasting your time being busy for the sake of it
  • How to stop perpetuating the myths of the million dollar business being solved with a $27 download
  • What we both learned from our corporate backgrounds vs now
  • Seeking out the right support that works for us
  • Why Libby thinks women business owners have such a fear and get overwhelmed

A big thank you to Libby for being such a wonderful guest. It was such a fun and interesting chat!

You can find out more about Libby herefollow her on Instagram here and connect with her on LinkedIn here.

In this episode we mentioned two books:

Life in Business by Libby Langley

Work like a woman by Mary Portas

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Maddy x

Maddy x
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