How to sell and build relationships on Instagram with Sara Dalrymple

How to sell and build relationships on Instagram with Sara Dalrymple

I really wanted to share this right now because can we just take a moment to talk about Instagram. Ahhh… Instagram.

Sometimes Instagram is like a weird ex who won’t stay out of our DMs (“but what does this meannnnn?” we whine to our friends. It means nothing ladies, nothing. They’re just as bored by lockdown as you, that’s all.) and sometimes it’s like the best bestie you’ve always wanted and all your real life friends get a bit jealous of.

Well the truth is, Instagram is simply a tool. A tool where we can promote our passions, our energy, our drive, our experience and our expertise. We can sell there and it doesn’t have to feel icky. (especially when we ignore the naysayers, am I right?)

So this week on the High Vis podcast I am joined by the brilliant Sara Dalrymple, personal branding photographer, sales expert and visibility superfan and we are tackling a hot topic – how you can start selling on Instagram in a way that feels amazing for you!

How *do* you appear in someone’s DMs without feeling like a total weirdo? How *do* you get over that fear of rejection and where do you even start?

Well, Sara is here sharing her pearls of wisdom on how to ditch the icky sales pitch, build genuine human connections and generate leads to get the sales you want and need by just being you. You can connect with Sara on Instagram @saradalrymple1 🙂

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Maddy x
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