How to make time to do wedding SEO

I know, I know. You’ve got consultations to plan, quotes to send and a whole host of wedding bookings to work on, before you even consider your wedding SEO.

Finding time to look after your SEO too can feel like an impossible task, but there is a way to make time for it in your schedule. And with the possibility of bringing new bookings your way every day, it’s time that’s very well spent.

In this blog post, I want to help you to step up your search engine rankings in just four easy-to-implement steps.

Make a date with yourself

As with all things business-related, the key to getting your wedding SEO done and done well is to dedicate time to it. That may be an hour a month to research trends and check your ranking for keyword terms. Or it may be checking in once a week.


Little and often is the key

If you tackle SEO each time you publish a blog post or webpage, you’ll never have to face a mountain of content to optimise. Blasting through a short to-do list is achievable. Tackling wedding SEO for 30 posts? Not so much.
Avoid overwhelm by taking a proactive approach to SEO and you’ll soon see that the results it brings really are ‘So Exciting Obviously’.

Batch your tasks together

Whether you’re researching sites to guest blog on or planning your next keyword phrases, doing 10 at a time is almost always more efficient than doing it individually on 10 different occasions.

Make an overall wedding SEO plan covering all the elements you want to tackle. This includes the technical side of SEO like improving your site loading times, as well as assessing keyword phrases. Then take one section at a time, pace yourself and tick it off your list.

Don’t be tempted to cut corners

When you’ve only got 30 minutes to spare and you just want to get a blog post published, it’s all too tempting to gloss over some (or even all) parts of wedding SEO. Don’t!

You’ve taken time to create this epic content, so make sure it reaches the audience you want it to. That means optimising for a carefully chosen keyword, setting an SEO title and writing a meta description. It even includes reducing your image file sizes.

You want to boost your wedding SEO score at every opportunity. Leaving small things undone could drag it down and let competitors take your space.

With four simple steps, you can make significant headway in improving your search engine ranking. Do so and you’ll draw in more visitors and stand out as the fabulous business that you are.

Sounds pretty simple when I break it down like this, doesn’t it? Go on, try it out and keep me posted.

Maddy Shine x

Photography by Luisa Starling

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Maddy x
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