How to make connections and grow your business with Hazel Parsons

Whoop! The latest interview in my Gin and Magic YouTube series championing strong creative women is here! Straight from my home to your eyes + ears, this week featuring the fantastically knowledgeable mermaid hair-loving Hazel Parsons!

I was keen to get Hazel on the show because she has always been an absolute champion in the wedding industry. Find out how a chance meeting at the Eden Project many moons ago has led to a strong connection and actually this is pretty much Hazel’s motto. She is that woman who connects everyone to everyone else they need to know. So if you don’t know her yet, you can change that right now.

She’s a wedding co-ordinator and a wedding business consultant, so it’s no wonder she’s a director of the National Association of Wedding Professionals and co-founder with Jenny Wren of Jenny Wren Events & Planning of the South West Wedmeetups.

I wanted to ask her more about her story, how she has grown her business and what she does when she’s feeling stuck.

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Thanks so much, Hazel, you were fab!

Hazel’s official bio:

Hazel is well-known as the wedding industry super-connector in the South West of England. Her eponymous award-winning consultancy provides wedding businesses with business coaching, support, targeted marketing, sales and PR.

Her career began over 15 years ago in hospitality where she soon developed an interest in events and particularly weddings, growing that aspect of the business for the 4 and 5 Star hotels she worked for and watching them flourish. For the last 5 years, Hazel has successfully set-up, launched and fine-tuned some of the most sought after venues in the South West. She founded the WedMeetup events in 2013 and works as an associate partner of the National Association of Wedding Professionals in London.

To find out more about Hazel, go and check out her brands here:

Wedding Business Consultancy:




Out of the Ordinary Wedding Planning


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See you next time!

Maddy x
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