How to connect Google Search Console & Google Analytics

Hello! So a while back I wrote this piece on how to tell Google you exist by submitting your sitemap and it was pretty popular, so I recently updated it with the latest settings (Google Search Console had updated in that time). After sharing this, I got bombarded with more questions and of course following my own advice where you need to share one question per blog post and answer it, here you go…how to connect Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Why is this useful?

In short, this is useful to do because you get access to more information that will benefit your business.


This post assumes two things that you must have in place before going any further….

  1. You have registered on Google Search Console (if not, here’s how)
  2. You have registered on Google Analytics (if not, here’s how)

(No really, do not skip these two steps, as otherwise nothing else will make sense from hereonin).


  • You need to login to Google Analytics.
  • Click on Admin in bottom left corner of the screen, and you should see this:

  • Click on Property Settings, top of middle column.
  • Scroll down until you see Search Console.
  • Click the button next to “Adjust Console”
  • Click Add to add your account
  • You’ll then be taken to your Search Console, select the site there you want to connect, click Save
  • When asked to confirm, click OK
  • Back in Analytics you should see “Enabled”

  • Now that this is connected, you can access the information supplied through this new connection by going back to Analytics dashboard, then going to Acquisition > Search Console

  • You’ll then have access to four types of information
    • Landing Pages (where people are entering your site from Google search results)
    • Countries (which countries people are accessing your site from via Google search results)
    • Devices (which devices people are using to access your site via Google search results i.e. desktop or mobile)
    • Queries (what people are typing into Google to find you and then click through to your site)

By taking the steps laid out in this blog post, you get access to a whole host of useful information about how people are using and accessing your website.

Let me know how you get on,


Maddy x
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