How to be truly unique with One of a Style

When you’re building a business, it can be hard to understand how to truly be unique, how to stand out against everyone else doing what you do, especially right now when our mindset has, shall we say, taken a bit of a hit.

Despite being filmed before lockdown, Stefania Bartolomei of One of a Style has plenty of tips to share about being truly unique, helping people with confidence from her perspective as a personal stylist.

On the show we talk about she’s growing her business and finding clients, focusing on building a future for her son, and all things in between!

I really wanted to find out more about her story, how she grows her business (tips for us all!) and how she stays on top of it all (and what happens when she doesn’t!)

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Thanks so much Stefania, you are truly, just like your tag line – one of a kind!

Stefania’s official bio

I’m Stefania, a London-based Italian style coach, and I love helping people boost their confidence by exploring and developing their personal style. I’ve got a passion for fashion, an eye for detail and a great sense of fun. And I’ve worked my magic with everyone from business leaders and brides to new mums and mumpreneurs. 
My style story starts in Florence, a city where fashion is the air we breathe. Having trained in Fashion Design, and spent 10 years working in the industry, I came to London to share my Italian style secrets and passion for self-expression through One of a Style.   
For me, being a personal style coach is about much more than clothes. I take time to really get to know my clients, kicking off every session with a coffee and chat, to find out what they’re like, as well as what they like, before we get started.   
By understanding how my clients live their lives and how they want to feel, I can help them create a look that oozes confidence. I make shopping trip loads of fun; one of my favourite parts of my job is seeing my clients smile at their reflection as they try on what we’ve chosen.

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