How to Be Unapologetically Yourself with Soniamarie Palmer, HR Expert & Wedding Planner

Well hello! Welcome to the show where I’m chatting with Soniamarie Palmer, who runs two businesses – Soniamarie Loves a wedding planning business here in the UK, and Event HR using her 19 years of corporate experience to support wedding and event businesses manage their people. This woman is ON IT!

So many people switch off when it comes to paying attention to business stuff like managing finances, HR, Legal support and yes, even SEO. But these are vital areas to invest in if you want your business to grow. What I particularly enjoyed is how Soniamarie uses her natural confidence to really bring out the best in her brides and her people management skills, she is completely unapologetic about being herself, and I love that.

Chatting with Soniamarie, her passion really comes across, as she says “People are her passion because, without people, there is no business.” She’s incredibly open and honest and is hugely supportive of us all treating our businesses like businesses rather than expensive hobbies (which let’s face it, does happen!)

In this chat, Sonia talks about supporting businesses to get the most of their people, how reducing stress is totally possible and how to use Instagram as a B2B business which can be quite tricky.

Sonia also shared how she starts off each day with a key question (you’re going to love this one because I did!) how she achieves her goals and how her two businesses of wedding planning and event HR support each other to grow.

Sonia’s official bio:

Soniamarie is an entrepreneur who owns and runs two successful businesses in Human Resources and Wedding Planning. Event HR is a HR consultancy providing services to the wedding & event industry and, Soniamarie Loves is a wedding & event planning business.
She has worked in HR for over 19 years up to senior level for both private and public sector companies across 5 industries in the UK and USA. Over the last six years, she has worked solely for herself running the HR consultancy while also turning her passion for wedding and event planning from what was initially a 7 year, into a paid hobby into a successful business in the last 3 years.
She holds a BA Hons in Human Resource Management, an Level 7 Advanced Professional Diploma in Employment Law, is CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) qualified with membership and is a Professional Member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners.

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Thanks again Soniamarie, it was so much fun to chat with you and find out more about how you run your business.

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Thank you again Soniamarie, it was so much fun to chat with you!


Website: www.eventhr.co.uk
Facebook Group: People & Business 
Instagram: www.instagram.com/event.hr

We’ll be back once again like the renegade master next week with the next female entrepreneur interview for Gin & Magic! But in the meantime, check out some of the other videos on Gin & Magic here.

See you next time!

Maddy x
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