How to be the face of your business (a word on personal branding)

Can I ask you a question – who do you love following on Instagram (apart from me, obvs haha)? Do you know what they look like? How come? Do they show photos of themselves? Do they speak on Instagram Stories?

What about their websites – how much do you know about them and their expertise from their websites?​
You see, I was having a chat with someone earlier and they told me in no uncertain terms ‘You will NEVER see my face on my social media’ and I immediately thought well doesn’t this tie in well with my latest podcast episode as it’s all about being the face of your business.

Now, this is something I do every day, but believe me, that wasn’t always the case and it definitely wasn’t a smooth journey to get there. I was mortified at the idea of showing up on camera, sharing my face on Stories, hopping on Lives, but the thing is, it’s been a total game-changer for my business. 

So in Episode 20 of the High Vis podcast, I want to tell you all about how I came to be very comfortable with being the face of my brand and how you can too.

I’ll talk about the benefits of showing your face more, not just a theory (‘cos logic is great, but let’s face it we need more), but the actual results that you can get, and hopefully, by the end of today’s episode, you’ll feel ready to show your personality more, your face more whether it’s in front of the camera or telling your stories so you can see the positive results to your business too.

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