How I deal with overwhelm in my business

Well, I can hardly believe it’s been six months since we rather abruptly ended Season 2 of the podcast. Crazy. But in fact, why I took such a long break rather links to today’s topic.  

You see, I asked my free Facebook community (“Seeking Exciting Opportunities”) what they’d like to hear in this episode, and boy, were the votes unanimous. 

They overwhelmingly said – Overwhelm.   

Everyone is feeling it, everyone does feel it, so what can we do about it so that it doesn’t bring us down completely? Because let’s face it, simply existing over the last year has felt exhausting. 

Fear not, overwhelm and I are actually old friends, so I’m quite happy to share what works for me, what I’ve seen work for my clients, and I’ll be completely honest about it. You know me,  I’m pretty no-nonsense. 

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So we’ll keep it simple and I’ll leave you with 3 action points to overcome the overwhelm, explain how to break down tasks to bitesize chunks, and share what you can do to make your workflow easier to keep the overwhelm at bay in the future. 

Here are the links to the resources mentioned in this episode: 

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