High vis podcast season 1 review – the best bits

Welcome back to the High Vis podcast with Maddy Shine, your SEO and visibility queen, for the final episode of season one! 

I started this podcast because I believe there is so much to talk about with regards to being more visible, but I know that it can feel overwhelming on where to begin, where to show up and how to get the results you desperately want and need. 

The last 12 weeks have been full of motivation, inspiration, insight and dare I say, wisdom, to get to the heart of what’s holding you back from being more visible, how you can start showing up, how to get seen by your dream clients, and ultimately get booked.  

And we’ve covered quite a lot haven’t we?!

Now, you know I believe reviewing any project is incredibly key, so I am practicing what I preach here. 

Join me as I recap on the lessons we’ve covered, what I’ve learnt about myself, and if I may quote Dolly Parton, how we can “figure out who you are and do it on purpose”, because whether you like it or not, visibility is essential to build your business. 

A huge thank you to everyone who has tuned in this season, sent me a DM, shared and recommended the podcast. If there’s a subject you’d like me to cover in season 2 come and tell over on Instagram @maddy.shine and until next time, stay safe and take care. 

You can listen here on Spotify, here on iTunes, or just search for the High Vis podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.

Shout out to my podcast coach Alice Benham, podcast editor Emily Osborne and amazing graphic designer and friend, Kerri Awosile who created my fabulous podcast artwork. 

Until next time


Maddy x
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