Making money + making mistakes (gulp)

High Vis podcast episode 15 – making money + making mistakes (gulp)

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Today I had a bit of a breakthrough moment. I’ve been having a wobble recently, I don’t mind admitting. After the most successful year of my career so far, I got inside my own head and started listening to the sceptics. ​​I was having a good old moan to a good pal the other day about it and she was like, but Maddy, you’ve done all these things, you’ve helped all these people.

Stop listening to the wrong people

And that’s when I realised. This is the very core of what’s going on. We’re listening too much to the people who aren’t buying, instead of the people who are waiting to buy. We’re listening to the people (and they’re loud because we prefer negative talk to positive) who have a lot of insecurities themselves.

Throughout this year I’ve been talking about money a lot more because the naysayers continue to say things like – no one’s buying. No one has any money. This isn’t true. But we tell ourselves it’s true because that means we don’t have to be uncomfortable in being visible.

I’ve been talking to many businesses who are doing extremely well but fear it’s tone deaf to talk about it. To that I say this – we show up for ourselves, and we show up for those who want to listen. We cannot please everyone.​​

So in this week’s episode of the High Vis podcast, I’m talking about the money I’ve made this year and the money I’ve spent, and perhaps most curiously, about what I’ve learnt from the mistakes I’ve made. Now, you should know, that I’m terrified to share what I’m going to share in this episode – but when has fear ever stopped me from doing anything worthwhile?

The journey this year

OK, so let’s take it back to Jan 2020. I was struggling to pay my rent after some bad business decisions but I knew I wanted to scale and grow my business, and I really wanted to turn over 6 figures – a goal I’d set myself and nervously laughed about, but I knew I had to spend money to make money, and I know that I learn best when I take risks, and take decisive action.

So how have I gone from struggling to pay rent, to moving into my own place, decorating it and buying my own furniture for the first time?

Well, I planned, I adapted, and I got creative. I separated out my self worth from every post and product I created, I showed up and I served my audience.

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I have learnt so much this year by getting specific on what I’m selling, who I’m selling to, I tracked and measured the results, I shifted when I needed to and I believed in my impact and here are my tips for how you can apply the same system to your business.

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Maddy x
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