Healthy habits while working at a computer

I know what it’s like being a business owner, you’re sitting for hours at your desk editing / admin-ning / working away on your business, hacking away at the never-ending To Do list. Having a sore neck, back and shoulders (and everything else in between) doesn’t need to be a given when working from your computer. I know from experience on running a full-time online business that self-care is important and gets pushed down the priority list *if only you could just send those final 10 emails already*. Phew.

Back in 2017 when I originally wrote this, I asked a few of my favourite people to help me make a list of healthy habits while working at a computer where we share how we all take care of our minds and bodies when sitting at a computer for hours on end. Since then, I’ve modified the list a bit because times and habits change, right?

So here we are, we have 1 ways to take care of yourself when you work at a computer – there are quite a few reference links here for you to enjoy, and we promise, we’re not affiliates of any kind 😀

1. Get up and stretch regularly

I see you with your hunched-up shoulders. Release! Do you ever go into one of those work-time-warps and look up from your computer screen 5 hours later? Setting a timer in your calendar at hourly intervals can be a really great solution, even if that mini-break only means putting the kettle on, you’re still encouraging yourself to get up from the screen for a few moments, move around and think about something else.

2. Drink plenty of water

Now, I hate to admit it but common sense might be onto something here. We are made up of 70% water after all so it’s hard to expect our brains and bodies to be in tip-top shape if they’re constantly dehydrated! As a reminder to drink more (water… not gin) try having a big glass of water next to your desk when you sit down to work…

3. Drink herbal tea rather than caffeinated drinks

If you know me then you’ll know that I am a big drinker of tea, however, the last few years I’ve been switching over to decaf after lunch and I tell you, it really can make a huge difference to your concentration and energy levels.

4. Starting the day with gratitude

Every day I have a Google Doc where I write 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 things I’m looking forward to, 1 high of the last day and 1 low of the last day. They can be tiny little things (especially if I’m in a bad mood) but they always help start the day off kindly. I highly recommend!

5. Writing an end of day review specifically for my work day

Call it an ‘end of day review’ or just a scribble in your diary, writing a few words about what you are grateful to yourself for today can be a really supportive practice. Here at Shine HQ love to emphasise what we’re grateful for and have found it to be so supportive when it’s so easy to spend all our time dwelling on the negative / sh*t you didn’t get done that day!

6. Getting a screen that’s the right height for you.

Do you find yourself slumping over or rounding your shoulders when you work? I had the worst posture but when I had a laptop as my main computer, I used this laptop stand to prop up my laptop. It stopped my neck being at such an awkward angle, highly recommend! I found it so supportive once I got a laptop stand for my work and we love using them achieve the correct height for our posture. It is affordable, portable, lightweight, easy to adjust, comes in multiple colours.

Here is a great (if not slightly grey, soz) image to show good posture at your desk:


7. Get a proper chair

We all know the temptation of not getting out of bed, propping up some pillows and working in your PJ’s but it really is the worst thing to do for your posture. Here Shine HQ we are big fans of this Ikea chair as it was voted within the top 9 ergonomic office chairs and really doesn’t break the bank. I’ll be honest, I do love a sofa office too though. Maybe it’s the softness? I think the key is to be comfortable.

8. Using an alternative/body-friendly desk

There are so many different ways that you can work, and often it can be nice to be able to switch things around to give your body a break from one position. At Shine HQ you won’t find me at a standing desk (although they are all the rage if my Instagram ads are anything to go by!!). Really, it’s all about switching things up so that your muscles don’t get worked too hard in one position.

9. Your hands need looking after too

Whereas some people might be terrified of clowns and buttons (seriously, look it up, it’s a thing!), I’m terrified of carpal tunnel and RSI (repetitive strain injuries). Investing in a cool ergonomic mouse, for example this one named the ‘Penguin‘ is a perfect way to support our wrists. This is also a great website for ergonomic keyboards and other desk supports. Some of us love our gel cushion wrist rest (increase ergonomics of the keyboard), but a rolled up tea towel can work, too (especially when your laptop gets a bit warm!)

10. Listening to ambient music whilst you work

Depending on the work, I like to listen to chillout Ibiza tunes s or classical film soundtracks on Spotify, it really helps and is totally worth the few minutes you might ‘waste’ Googling the film trivia. I love music – it sets the tone and really makes work so much more fun, it’s quite often Rihanna or best of musicals playlist (esp Les Mis!). Here’s to dance parties with yourself on one of your tea breaks, it’s only going to get your body moving, what’s not to love?!

11. Take care of your feet/knees/hips and heating!

I was reminded of this recently when I was updating this blog – I don’t have an adjustable office chair, so will often put a rolled up blanket under my feet to keep good hip/knee/foot alignment and I love to have a hot water bottle in the mix when it is even a touch chilly or an icepack if it’s too hot. It’s good to just scan your body from time to time, see which area might need a little help and make adjustments accordingly, it really is the ultimate in self-care.

12. Go outside for a few minutes

If you’re feeling like you need a breath, just do it! Go outside or open your windows and get some fresh air in your lungs. When anxiety, stress or tension comes up this can be a really great way to just refresh. We love to do this, especially when it feels like you really really need to hurry and get something done, these can be the best times just to take a moment, and breath.

13. Look outside the window

I have my table positioned so that I can look out the window whenever I can, this helps to relax the eye, as by gazing into the sky you will relax the muscles that continue to strain while looking at the screen.

14. Go chat with someone in real life

I find that the best breaks – along with the dancing – can be catchups with friends. Real life connections really do bring fresh air into the brain and sometimes even new ideas and solutions! It can be easy for us all to feel like there is always too much to do, but prioritising socialising with dear friends is always a good plan – just don’t drink too much or you’ll have a killer hangover and that’s never fun when you’ve got to work! (Ahem.)

15. Rely on your support network

Speaking of chatting, invest in those who invest in you and by that I mean those group chats with your besties, your family, your partner, whoever it is that really gets you, share. We aren’t designed to try and exist on our own, and (shout out to my fellow singles) you don’t need to. Chat things through, get an accountability partner who sends you voice notes, it all helps.

16. Make time to switch off

Of course at the end of a busy day you want to sit and zone out to Netflix but what I’ve noticed really helps me is only having one screen at a time near me, so if I’m watching TV, I don’t scroll through my phone. If I’m on Instagram, I have the TV off. It’s a simple thing but it really helps my brain, my eyes and my mental health.

17. Block out your time

I cannot tell you how much time I have spent in my life learning what makes me more productive. It would seem that for quite some time I thought learning about being productive was being productive and so it went on and on in a vicious circle. It did however bring me to time blocking, my true love which helps me through everything. By setting a start and finish time each day I have a much healthier relationship with working. Download my guide to getting more done in the time you have (rather than stressing about the time you don’t) and you’ll discover just how much I love managing time

I know as much as anyone how much our work days can feel like a complete time-crunch, however, it really does pay off to take a few moments throughout our day to just relax and prioritise our mental and physical health as well!

Do you have tips you’d add to the mix?

Maddy x

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Maddy x
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