Five Ways to to create & share your Best of 2023 content

Hello there I’m delighted to be back with this bumper guide on how to create your best of 2023 content. In this blog I share a plethora of ideas so you can choose any to share your reflections on the year.

Why is creating Best of 2023 content a good idea?

Every year, every small biz owner I speak to find themselves in peaks and troughs, working in fits and starts throughout the year even more so than before and it all became rather BUSY just managing to get through. I’m going to focus on the visibility benefits of having such content but also by taking this time to reflect, it doesn’t have to be an OMG I BETTER CHANGE THINGS SO I END ON A HIGH. For me personally, I want to end on a more chill note. Repeat after me: your value and sense of self-worth do not come from what you did or did not achieve. The reason I wanted to write this guide on how to create your best of 2023 is not only a fabulous opportunity to reflect on how awesome your business is but also to repurpose the content that worked well for you in the past year which is a lot less work than creating new content as well as being very helpful for your audience and potential clients and customers. So without further ado, here are the ideas on how to create your Best of 2023.

1. Create a carousel of your favourite images or highlights

Your best of 2023 isn’t limited to those with lots of images (looking at you, fabulous photographers!), and it certainly doesn’t always have to be a slideshow set to music.
  • Your best-selling products
  • Your most engaged images from Instagram (check your Instagram Insights for this info)
  • Your personal highlights in your business (like Sammy’s here)
  • Your Ins & Outs (what you want more and less of) seems pretty popular this year, here’s mine
You could write a blog with a paragraph for each image in a blog, create a carousel post on Instagram and tag the products to link to your shop, and/or then make it into an Instagram Reel in Canva. Set it to music in the Instagram app and publish with a caption tagging anyone who’s featured 🙂 Of course, this is a lush idea and works well if you’re a visual business, but there are many other ways you could present your Best of 2023.

2. Write a Blog about your Top Ten Most Popular Blogs using Google Analytics

One way to present your Best of 2022 is to create a blog post from your 10 most popular blog posts of the past year. This idea assumes that you have Google Analytics installed on your website (check this blog on how to set up Google Analytics) Watch this video on how to use your Google Analytics to find out your most popular content
Once you’ve got those links to the most popular blogs you’ve written, you can then link to each blog post and add one image from each blog post, like this!

Example for how to create your best of 2023: What you loved reading the most in 2023 on my blog

Here you would write a brief opening paragraph to introduce your topic – tell them what you’re about to tell them before diving into your list.

1. 16 Healthy Habits for working at a computer

I know what it’s like being a business owner, you’re sitting for hours at your desk editing / admin-ning / working away on your business, hacking away at the never-ending list. Having a sore neck, back, and shoulders (and everything else in between) doesn’t need to be a given when working from your computer. I know from experience on running a full-time online business that self-care is important and gets pushed down the priority list *if only you could just send those final 10 emails already*. Phew. Back in 2017 when I originally wrote this, I asked a few of my favourite people to help me make a list of healthy habits while working at a computer where we share how we all take care of our minds and bodies when sitting at a computer for hours on end. Since then, I’ve modified the list a bit because times and habits change, right? You can read all about my healthy habits whilst working at a computer here.

2. Why I got rid of my reviews page

This year, I got rid of my Reviews page on my website and I wanted to share why I did it, what I do instead, and why you need to do the same. You see when we first build our websites, we might do lots of research and gather all the knowledge and stick it on our websites and not be sure what we’re doing is working for us. My reviews page was full of people I hadn’t worked with in forever, many of whom I wanted on there because it looked good to have their names associated with me. I didn’t feel connected with most of them anymore, and in the interests of my new direction of focusing on connections, it felt disingenuous. You can read more about why I got rid of my reviews page and what I do instead here.

3. You & Beyonce do not have the same 24 hours in a day

The most common problem I hear from women is that they always feel behind and want more time. But hear me out, I don’t think wanting more time is the issue. (Recognising your capacity and your self-worth is the real thing (but the solution to that is not so easy to sell….) I personally despise the mindset of ‘Beyonce has the same 24 hours in the day as you do’. It’s unhelpful to say the least. The real issue is how we determine our self-worth, how we recognise our capacity to want to do less, and how we find ways to not just cope better but thrive. You can find out more about why I was talking about this and what to do instead, here.

4. Owning your expertise

As human beings, we want to learn. We want to gain knowledge and then make decisions on how to use that knowledge in our lives. It’s why pub quizzes are so popular, but it’s also why there are so many courses and workshops available in the small business space. I believe being an expert doesn’t mean you’re an expert in everything. It doesn’t even mean you’re The Top Expert in the world (because honestly, who is?), it simply means you know more about a particular topic or area than the people who want to learn from you. In this blog, I talk about the importance of owning your expertise and why you’ll flourish when you do.

5. 47 Ideas for Marketing Your Business

One day  I came to tackle my 22-page Google Doc of content ideas and found this that I’ve been sitting on. I’m always harping on to my clients and members about not keeping your best work on your camera roll and YET there I was guilty of the same thing, keeping my best ideas on a Google Doc where no one can see them. So here we are 47 Quick Ideas to Market Your Small Business!

3. Create an Instagram Reel or TikTok of your favourite images

It doesn’t always have to be on your website of course! You could make a Reel of your favourite images from the year and post it on Instagram, brilliant for engagement and if you use trending audio like one of the ones I’ve listed below, you have an even better chance of getting more engagement on your Reel.
  1. This audio is brilliant to use
  2. As is this one
  3. And this one even has “Use template” so you can slot your images right in
Try one out and tag me on social media @maddy.shine I’d love to see it! 🙂

4. Got a podcast? Do a roundup of your most listened-to episodes

If you have a podcast or want to share your podcast recommendations with your community, you could write a blog about my 5 most listened-to podcast episodes. In 2020, I launched the High Vis podcast, your biz bestie for visibility. In the first season I invited a few special guests, but in seasons 2 and 3 I was flying solo. In 2022 I took a break from the podcast. In 2023 I rebranded the podcast and rebooted it! I host my podcast with Libsyn and they tell me how many people download each episode. Now I’m back for season 4 and I’m delighted to feature brilliant guests!

1. How to sell without feeling gross – listen here

No one wants to be sold to if they’re not interested in the product or service. So how can we share about our products + services and ensure that we’re not irritating people who don’t want to hear from us and who have no interest in buying from us? People put the fear of haters into you to keep you small. Screw them.

2. Writing about yourself and having fun with it with Ellie Kime – listen here

Writing about yourself for your website or social media can be a dreaded task, so we dive into how to overcome the cringe when writing about yourself, how to get comfortable tooting your own horn, and actually have some fun writing about you and your business. Ellie has some great tips to help you show up without feeling like you’re showing off. Listen to her follow up episode about showing up without showing off here.

3. What to say on my website to get found aka what are my keywords? – listen here

What are your keywords and what do you do with them? What you say on your website, or more specifically, the words you use on your website are key in attracting those ideal clients.  

I share some tips and tools for how to start using keywords, as well as some myth-busting truth bombs to share with you because this is a topic that people (all three groups included!) can *really* overthink.

4. How to share your personality on your business – listen here

I have found that we often tend to forget that behind the beautiful experiences we share on this platform, we are actually allowed to show up with other things too. If we are scared of “putting people off” or “that’s not what my audience is here for” then we need to look at why (definitely something I’ve fallen into the trap of in the past). So if visibility is absolutely essential to making a success of your business (which I believe it is), no matter if you are fully booked or have zero bookings, you need to be constantly reminding the right people you exist and that you are the perfect person to solve their problem.

5. How to sell and build relationships on Instagram with Sara Dalrymple – listen here

Sometimes Instagram is like a weird ex who won’t stay out of our DMs (“but what does this meannnnn?” we whine to our friends. It means nothing ladies, nothing. They’re just as bored by lockdown as you, that’s all.) and sometimes it’s like the best bestie you’ve always wanted and all your real life friends get a bit jealous of. Well, the truth is, Instagram is simply a tool. A tool where we can promote our passions, our energy, our drive, our experience and our expertise. We can sell there and it doesn’t have to feel icky. (especially when we ignore the naysayers, am I right?)

5. Do a round-up of personal highlights

Of course, if you’re prone to sharing more personal fun stuff as well as work stuff then you could make the focus of your best of 2023 a round-up of your personal goals, challenges or stories. You could break it down into highs, challenges met and surprises along the way or simply write what happened and how it affected your business like this:

The Great Pivot

In 2023, I finally announced the Great Pivot. because I am not the same person I was when I launched my business 10+ years ago, nor am I the same person who started teaching SEO courses 5+ years ago. You see, I never set out to be known as “the SEO Queen”. I know a lot about SEO and I love helping translate boring dull SEO advice out there into interesting motivating advice to help the creative people I enjoy working with. That’s what I’ve always focused on. But for me, this SEO malarkey has always been about so much more. If you’ve been to any of my talks whether free or on the podcast or read my blog, you may have noticed I talk a lot about the deeper meaning: making connection. The internet is full of connections, that’s why it’s called the web. We google to find out something we want to be connected to – a new business, the answer to a question, celebrity gossip. And that’s what fascinated me when I was a teenage geek with few friends way back in the 90s and I learned to code. I was delighted to know there was a whole world out there full of connections.

I’m famous in GIFs

I reached 650 million views of the GIFs that I launched for fun in lockdown. It’s so much fun hearing from people when they spot me out in the wild. I have been spotted on New Zealand daily news quiz, on Donna from Parks and Recreation’s Instagram Stories, and in countless countries around the world. It’s wonderful to bring so many smiles to people’s faces. They’re free to use and you can find my GIFs by typing in “Maddy Shine” wherever you use the internet.

Trying new things & deregistering from VAT

I reached 11 years in business and whilst I didn’t do a big celebration as I did for my 10-year giveaway, I came to some big realisations about how I want to run my business. The biggest one of all is that I don’t want it to be all-consuming and I want it to support my life and not just live to work! I launched a brand new course – Teach What You Know teaching people how to launch a course to teach. It was a cosy group and I thoroughly enjoyed learning what people wanted to learn from me. It will come back at some point but in a different guise, I’m sure. I reduced my turnover so that I could deregister from VAT. After 3 years hitting a six figure turnover I was not enjoying the high energy needed to keep hitting that. So instead I’m choosing to spend 2024 getting scrappy, launching new offers. I opened the doors to Blogging for Gold for the final time, and I’m delighted to have helped over 120 amazing women in the course, with thousands more participating in the free challenges. This year The Visible Vibes Community celebrated its 3rd birthday. It’s certainly kept me busy always tweaking, upgrading and evolving to meet the needs of my wonderful members. It’s really quite something to provide a space for so many different kinds of business owners to come together and to see their progress, whether that’s confidence with technology, increase in sales or simply being more willing to trust the process.

Taking care of myself

After last year’s breast cancer scare (it was a benign lump in the end but it was a wakeup call), I wanted to be kinder to myself and to be more open to new opportunities this year, like dating men again! This turned into the most beautiful new twist – after eight years of being single I fell in love with a chap I met in my local pub! We’ve gone on all sorts of adventures including being whisked away to Bruges for my birthday with more adventures planned in 2024. I volunteered with a local amateur drama group, this time behind the scenes as a stage manager and committee member. Being involved was fantastic for my sense of community and mental health but it was taking over too much of my life and I quit in September. Maybe not forever, but certainly in 2024 I’ll be investigating other drama clubs I could join. Being part of a community like this really helped me see how I want to create community online for my members and students! II celebrated my first gotcha day with my rescue cat Dexter. He’s incredibly popular on my Instagram Reels, being the fluffiest grumpiest-looking cat in the world but we are besties and he adores everyone who comes around to visit too. I realised I wanted to do more with my love of animals and so this year I started my volunteer training with Celia Hammond Animal Trust so I can help look after the cats rescued there. I did some more volunteering for Clear Community Web – a brilliant local charity helping bridge the digital gap with the elderly and vulnerable people in my local community. It’s made me a lot more patient and compassionate with teaching people about tech and has had a great ripple effect in how I deliver tech support for my clients, students, and members. So there we have it. A few solid ideas for you to create your best of 2023 content, but before we round this off properly….

Make sure you do….

  • Choose ONE of these ideas from my list on how to create your best of 2023 – you don’t need to do them all!
  • If you write this in a blog post like I am, you can paste the link to your Instagram bio along with a snippet of the blog post (like your opening paragraph) and direct people to the link in your bio
  • Link to your Best of 2023 in your email signature
  • Email out to the clients and customers who are featured in it with a link to your Facebook and blog post for them to share it.
  • Email the suppliers and collaborators you have featured in your Best of the year with the link so they can share it too if they like
  • Email your list to share the blog post with them so they get to read it!

Make sure you don’t…

  • Don’t include images of clients that didn’t fit your target client. You will attract what you promote. If they were, let’s say, a little tricky, don’t include them in your Best of post, no matter how awesome the image is.
  • Don’t talk yourself out of not doing this exercise – it’s really helpful and it makes great content – you just need to repurpose what you already have.
  • Don’t ignore your best employee i.e. your website! Your best employee represents your brand, promotes your values and works damn hard for you.
  • Don’t have too many images – this will slow down your website a lot! No one wants to wait that long – be brutal with your culling (hence why I suggest top 10 for example)
  • Do not be afraid of stating that it is your Best Of wherever you’re sharing this content
And there you have it! Choose one of the ideas I’ve shared and then hit publish! Like I said at the start, you want to create great excuses to repurpose content you already have. You also want to have great reasons to link to other content ideally published on your website but if not then external links that are highly relevant to your business. Now that you’ve taken the time to review a challenging year in so many ways I hope you’ve taken a moment to celebrate all that you have achieved. In fact, this is one of the steps in my Annual Review training that we do in The Visible Vibes Community. If you’d like to dive deeper into this and take action along with a group full of supportive female business owners, then you can read all about and join The Visible Vibes Community here.
Maddy x
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